Singaporean builds website to house latest safe distancing rules all in one place

For times we are unsure which is the most updated safe distancing rule.

Sitoh Shanice

Dances in her free time and can also lick her elbow.

Published: 13 August 2021, 12:46 PM

If you’re ever wondering what phase we’re in or which safe distancing rules to follow, the website Safe Distancing SG is exactly what you need, compiling the latest safe distancing rules all in one place.

The site is made by Singaporean Jason Leow, who realised there was no one-stop place to refer to each time the rules are updated.

“I realised each time I want to check the latest safe distancing restrictions, I have to Google it but end up getting confused by the outdated news articles and past press releases,” he wrote on his website.

The website has 18 categories. It includes safe distancing rules ranging from social groups to sports and physical activities.

On the page, you can either scroll down to view or just click the filter tag to scroll directly to that category.


The website also states what phase we’re currently in and uses emojis as graphics. PHOTO CREDIT: SAFE DISTANCING SG


Jason had initially made the website for himself but figured that others might have the same problem in being updated on safe distancing rules.

The page was made on Aug 9 and as of Aug 13, has had over 95,000 page views.

Safe Distancing SG states that the website is a non-profit, tech-for-good project. It is currently updated by volunteers and the website has a link at the end for small donations from supporters to keep the project going.

This is not the first website that Jason has built to help people. He also created the VisualAid website, which helps enable better communication between healthcare workers and migrant workers affected by COVID-19.

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