Singapore will soon house Southeast Asia’s largest suspended LED sky screen

The LED screen is modelled after the popular Shimao Tianjie Sky Screen in Beijing, China.

Harshiyne Maran

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Published: 1 July 2022, 2:34 PM

Singapore will soon be home to Southeast Asia’s largest immersive, suspended LED sky screen, which can broadcast events such as movie premieres and exhibitions, amongst others. 

Modelled to be an enhanced version of the Shimao Tianjie Sky Screen in Beijing, China, the sky screen is set to be 200m long. 

Beijing’s Shimao Tianjie Sky Screen is 250m long and 30m wide with over 7,500 sq m of LED lights. It spans across the entrance of a semi-enclosed pedestrian street, located at the heart of Beijing’s business district. 

Singapore’s equivalent will be built by Chinese integrated media and property management company The Place Holdings, under a collaboration agreement with Stellar Company, the largest managing agent of retail and advertising spaces in Singapore’s rail network. 

The sky screen is a key highlight of the L.I.F.E Omni-Channel Ecosystem, a project under the collaboration agreement. It aims to shape the future of digital media and create new opportunities in the digital media sphere in Singapore.

Approximately $200 million is said to be invested into the development of the sky screen and other ventures under the project.  

Executive chairman of The Place Holdings Mr Ji Zenghe said: “Singapore’s first Sky Screen is positioned as a new tourism attraction, creating immersive and experiential experiences that also serve a catalyst for new business models within the digital economy.”

The location of the sky screen is yet to be determined.

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