Foot Locker at Orchard Gateway suspended after large crowd gathered for YEEZY sneaker launch

A huge crowd gathered on Friday evening outside Orchard Gateway for a sneaker launch.

Nigel Chin

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Published: 5 December 2020, 10:54 AM

UPDATE (Dec 5): Foot Locker has been ordered to suspend operations for breaching COVID-19 rules, said STB and Enterprise Singapore on Dec 5. The suspension will last 10 days, until Dec 14.

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) is investigating after hundreds of people gathered outside Orchard Gateway’s Foot Locker store on Friday (Dec 4).  

According to a Facebook post from Sole Superior SG, the crowd formed in what was apparently a queue for the launch of the YEEZY Bred 350 sneaker launch, which was happening worldwide on Saturday. 

The highly-anticipated sneaker is a popular purchase by sneaker lovers around the world. Past launches have seen YEEZY sneakers being resold online for a few hundred dollars more expensive than the retail price. 

Sole Superior SG’s post was accompanied by three images of the crowd outside the store. It was apparent that safe distancing rules had been breached. 

In STB’s statement reported by CNA, the crowd dispersed after safe distancing ambassadors and police officers arrived around 8.30pm. 

“Investigations are underway as Foot Locker stores have received repeated advisories about crowd management but continue to hold events that draw large crowds,” said Ranita Sundramoorthy, director of safe management measures operations at STB.

“STB takes a serious view of any breach in safe management measures, and will not hesitate to take actions against individuals and businesses that do not comply with them,” it added.

Sole Superior SG in its post called for such hyped launches to be done via a contact-less system. 

“[Having hyped releases physically] not only endangers the people there, but also the people around them as well.

“All we need is just one case to create a cluster. Then, inevitably, the public will look at the streetwear community in general in disgust,” said the page. 


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