Singapore to host grand final of 2022 Arena Games Triathlon

Fans will get to see the races in a unique blend of real-world and virtual reality action.

Nicki Chan

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Published: 19 January 2022, 3:44 PM

Mark your calendars, for the thrill is about to begin.

The Arena Games Triathlon (AGT) is coming to Singapore for its grand final on May 7 and 8, featuring the biggest names in sport including Olympic medallists and world champions. 

The AGT is a global esports World Championship series that was pioneered by Super League Triathlon in an effort to drive competitive triathlon through the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The first two stages of the AGT will be held in Munich, Germany and London, United Kingdom. Following that, the top 10 athletes will compete in the grand final. 


The Arena Games Triathlon powered by Zwift will feature the best triathletes in the world, both virtually and in real life. IMAGE CREDIT: SUPER LEAGUE TRIATHLON


The AGT features the standard triathlon’s swim, bike and run elements. The bike and run disciplines will utilise smart trainers and self-powered curved treadmills. The athletes’ power and speed is depicted as a virtual race that can be viewed on Zwift’s online platform.


Athletes competing in the bike race, both virtually and in person, at the Super League Triathlon Arena Games London in 2021. PHOTO CREDIT: SUPER LEAGUE TRIATHLON


This combination of real-life and virtual racing gives fans the opportunity to get a close look at the seasoned triathletes without having to leave the house. It also provides an opportunity for esports fans to enjoy live sports statistics from the races. 

“We are happy to be back again to bring the Arena Games Triathlon to our friends in Singapore, and are confident that you will have a good time being a part of the experience.” said Michael D’hulst, CEO and co-founder of Super League Triathlon.

Singapore last hosted the Super League Triathlon in February 2019.


Singapore fans were given the opportunity to run alongside the pros in Super League’s 2019 Fun Run. PHOTO CREDIT: SUPER LEAGUE TRIATHLON


Each stop of the 2022 Arena Games Triathlon will contribute points to the World Triathlon World Ranking. The athletes with the most points over the course of the series will be awarded the first-ever triathlon esport World Titles in Singapore.

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