Singapore tchoukball women’s team tops world rankings

They replaced the Chinese Taipei women’s team on the International Tchoukball Federation World Rankings.

Sherlyn Sim

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Published: 30 January 2023, 4:01 PM

The Singapore women’s tchoukball team moved up to top place in the International Tchoukball Federation (FITB) World Ranking 2023, overtaking the Chinese Taipei women’s team earlier this January.

This comes after they successfully placed first at the ninth Asia Pacific Tchoukball Championships in August 2022, finally breaking the eight-year win streak of the Chinese Taipei women’s team.

Singapore men’s tchoukball team placed third in the FITB World Ranking, just under the Chinese Taipei and Italy teams in first and second place respectively.

Delane Lim, president of the Tchoukball Association of Singapore, praised the teams in a post on Facebook, saying: “I am extremely proud of both teams’ and coaches’ dedication over the years to bring the sport to greater heights and flying high our Singapore Flag.”

He added that as tchoukball is not considered an Olympic sport, Singapore’s teams often have to make do with limited resources when participating in championships. 

However, he hopes this win will encourage corporate partners and individual supporters to lend their support to the teams, especially as they face tough competition ahead.

Both the men’s and women’s teams will be training for the World Tchoukball Championships, World Youth Tchoukball Championships and possibly South East Asia Tchoukball Championships later this year, said Delane.

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