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Singapore stands in solidarity with those affected by the Wuhan virus

Youths voice their support for those abroad most impacted by the coronavirus.

Tilve Tarini Sachin

Published: 30 January 2020, 12:16 AM

The news of the Wuhan Coronavirus spreading around the world has drawn many impassioned responses. From pointing fingers at China to making downright racist comments, worries over the virus have surfaced many xenophobic sentiments.

Thankfully, there are also those who have made their stand against fear and hatred. Here are five instances where young people reminded us of the need for empathy, especially for the people most affected by the virus abroad.

1. 'I'll Stay With You' 

In the midst of calls to isolate and ban Chinese travellers, JJ Lin teamed up with Stefanie Sun to write a song showing solidarity with those battling the Wuhan Virus.

‘I’ll Stay With You’, is a song of support and comfort for the people most affected. It also talks about the unsung heroes who have worked silently to contain the virus.

The former Singapore Youth Award Winners released the song online on Jan 28.

2. "To put the blame on PRC Chinese simply for being PRC Chinese is racist and xenophobic"

In a long post on Facebook, Mohamed Imran pointed out the difference between facts and racism, and made a case for keeping discussions on the virus objective and free from prejudice.

He also argued that poor hygiene and consuming exotic wildlife are practices found in multiple cultures across the world, and singling out PRC Chinese was xenophobic and unnecessary.


Mohamed Imran highlighted the need for discussions on social media to be free from racism. PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOT FROM FACEBOOK


3. "Racism cuts both ways brother and sisters"

In a similar vein, Hyder Albar was quick to point out how individuals who voiced racist or xenophobic comments online were victim blaming.

The founder of Creative Nation and Invasion Singapore also asked for people to be more empathetic and not spread unnecessary hate.


Hyder has also been a vocal supporter for people who are fighting the virus on the frontlines. PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOT FROM FACEBOOK


4. "Hope we can show some empathy"

The son of a nurse during the SARS period in Singapore, Geoffrey See knows the sacrifices of frontline staff during a crisis like this.

Beyond paying tribute to healthcare workers, he also encouraged people to be empathetic to the mainland Chinese in Singapore who are separated from their families during the crisis.


The entrepreneur and founder of Choson Exchange shared his memories from the SARS period. PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOT FROM FACEBOOK


5. "Pay attention to what you say about others"  

Activist Noor Mastura voiced support for Helen Chen, a girl currently in Wuhan during the lock-down, who was heartbroken to see people saying the Chinese deserved to be suffering the brunt of the virus.

Noor Mastura echoed Helen’s sentiments on not condemning others, and called for people to be more cautious about the narratives they are accepting, especially in the name of religion.


The founder of Back2Basics was awarded Singaporean of the Year in 2018. PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOT FROM FACEBOOK


In a time of international crisis like this, the last thing we need is more fear and hatred. A virus does not discriminate, so let us stand together against it.

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