Singapore, South Korea to launch vaccinated travel lanes on Nov 15

Under the arrangement, Singaporeans can travel to South Korea and back without needing to serve any quarantine or stay-home notice.

Amanda Tan

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Published: 8 October 2021, 4:44 PM

Travelling to South Korea from Singapore will be allowed from Nov 15 onwards, after both countries agreed to launch a vaccinated travel lane (VTL). 

Under the arrangement, fully vaccinated people from both countries will be allowed to travel between Changi Airport and Incheon Airport without the need to serve quarantine or a stay-home notice. 

Instead, travellers will need to do a COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test only. 

There will also be no restrictions on purpose of travel, or requirements for a controlled itinerary too. 

As part of the VTLs, Singapore and South Korea have also reached an agreement on the mutual recognition of COVID-19 vaccination certificates. This will allow fully vaccinated travellers to enjoy vaccination-differentiated safe management measures in both countries.

A check on the SIA website showed that economy ticket prices for a round trip to South Korea cost about $680 currently. 

This is Singapore’s third VTL. The first VTL was launched on Sep 8, with Brunei and Germany. 

More details regarding the VTLs will be announced soon, authorities said. 

On Thursday, Minister for Trade and Information Gan Kim Yong said that Singapore is working on a VTL arrangement with the United States. 

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