Singapore passports’ validity period to increase to 10 years from October 2021

For Singaporean applicants aged below sixteen, the passport’s validity will remain at five years.

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Published: 7 May 2021, 12:37 PM

Singapore passports will be valid for 10 years, an increase from the current five, for applications submitted from October, mmigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) announced on Friday (May 7). 

The increase in passport validity period applies to Singaporeans above the age of 16 who submit their passport application on or after Oct 1. 

“The increased validity period would reduce the frequency of passport renewals, and offer greater convenience for Singaporeans,” said ICA. 

For citizens aged below sixteen, the passport validity will remain at five years. 

“As children’s facial features change more rapidly, renewing their passport every five years will allow the photograph in their passport to be updated more frequently, which will minimise identification problems when going through immigration,” said ICA.


For citizens aged sixteen and above, the passport validity will be capped at 10 years. PHOTO CREDIT: ADHITYA ANDANU VIA PEXELS


The passport application fee remains unchanged at $70. 

The ICA had reduced the validity period of Singaporean passports from 10 to five years in Apr 2005 as the biometric passport was introduced. 

The biometric passport incorporated an embedded microchip that contains the passport holder’s biometric information such as facial and fingerprint identifiers. 

Monitoring the stability of the technology allowed ICA to ensure that the Singapore passport remains a highly secure and trusted travel document. 

This gives many Singaporeans access to many countries without the need of a visa. 

With more biometrics screening technology by immigration authorities across the globe, it is easier to identify forged or stolen passports used for illegal entry.

As the biometric passport’s technology has stabilised, ICA is increasing the passport validity period without compromising security or global confidence in the Singapore passport. 

Singaporean applicants may apply for a new passport online or via ICA’s e-Service. 

Applicants who face issues accessing the e-Service can get their family members or friends to assist with their passport application online. 

Those with no Internet access can visit the Citizen Connect Centres (CCC) located at Our Tampines Hub or selected Community Centres or Clubs islandwide with free access to Internet-enabled devices. 

Those who are unable to make online transactions and cannot get someone to help, may visit ICA for assistance.

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