Singapore Discovery Centre commemorates 80th anniversary of the fall of Singapore

Hear the past, touch the present and see the future as we celebrate Total Defence Day 2022.

Amanda Tan

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Published: 20 January 2022, 11:54 AM

In commemoration of Total Defence Day 2022, Singapore Discovery Centre (SDC) has curated a series of exhibits, programmes and a special showcase to reflect on the numerous tumultuous incidents and security challenges we’ve faced in the last 80 years. 

Running from Jan 15 to Mar 27, the installations and programmes seek to explore how we managed to overcome these nationwide issues through the six pillars of Total Defence – Military Defence, Civil Defence, Economic Defence, Social Defence, Digital Defence and Psychological Defence.

Some highlights of Total Defence 2022 include an all-new defence-themed guided tour titled ‘Defence Through Ages’ which brings visitors through the Permanent Exhibits Gallery – Through the Lens of Time and Sandbox – as they discover the key historical events that have shaped our defence strategy and how it has evolved over time.


Through the Lens of Time brings visitors through over 700 years of Singapore history. PHOTO CREDIT: SINGAPORE DISCOVERY CENTRE


Visitors will also learn how they can play their part in keeping Singapore safe and secure.


Sandbox is an interactive exhibition which allows visitors to explore modern-day Singapore and imagine the nation’s collective future together. PHOTO CREDIT: SINGAPORE DISCOVERY CENTRE


A special showcase titled ‘Totes, et al. Defence’, is also ongoing.

It focuses on the incidents from our past and present – the twists and turns that made us stronger and formed the basis of why we need Total Defence.


Discover how the varied materials of thread and fabric relate to the different aspects of Singapore’s defence. PHOTO CREDIT: SINGAPORE DISCOVERY CENTRE


As part of this showcase, there will also be complimentary family-friendly activities like customising your own tote bags and making your own paper military tank.


You can even decorate your tote bag with stick-on patches! PHOTO CREDIT: SINGAPORE DISCOVERY CENTRE


For the more adventurous ones, there’s a defence-themed XD simulation ride for you to experience the thrilling twists, turns and explosive effects when fending off enemies.


Visitors can choose between two titles – ‘Operation Lightning Crush’ and ‘What You Cannot Defend, You Don’t Own’. PHOTO CREDIT: SINGAPORE DISCOVERY CENTRE


There will also be screenings of Singapore Stories Films at the iWERKS Theatre. The three titles are ‘Reunion’, ‘Missed Calls’ and ‘Azza’.

To view the full programme list and timings for the tours and shows, click here.

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