Singapore army launches SAF high filtration masks

The masks will come in two colours and are available at eMarts now.

Brandon Leong

Compulsive playlist maker.

Published: 3 November 2021, 11:15 AM

COVID-19 has made mask wearing the new normal even for members of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). 

Keeping up with the times, SAF has unveiled the brand new SAF high filtration masks.  

The breathable and lightweight mask will make it practical for our warm climate and will be comfortable on soldiers in-between their high-intensity exercises. 

The mask will contain two layers of soft fabric and also boasts a bacterial filtration system which has an efficiency rate of more than 95 per cent. 

It is also water repellent, ensuring that it will not get drenched, unlike the surgical and cotton masks plenty of us don. This feature will safeguard its effectiveness in wet and rough weather. 

These masks will be available in two colours, the standard pixelated green camo that we associate with army uniforms and a pure black one as the second colour option. 

The masks are available at all eMarts now and you can find the closest one to you here

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