Singapore and Hong Kong set May 26 as launch date for Air Travel Bubble

With the COVID-19 situation in both cities under control, conditions are ripe for the Air Travel Bubble to begin.

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Published: 26 April 2021, 1:18 PM

Singapore and Hong Kong have agreed to set the target launch date for the Singapore-Hong Kong Air Travel Bubble (ATB) on May 26.

Originally planned to start in Nov 2020, both parties deferred it after the COVID-19 situation in Hong Kong worsened. Since then, the COVID-19 situation in Hong Kong has improved with few local unlinked cases over the past few weeks, while the number of community cases in Singapore remained very low.

“The risk profiles of both cities are therefore now similar,” said Singapore’s Ministry of Transport (MOT).

Stricter conditions will be imposed for the resumption of the ATB. Travellers will have to remain in Singapore or Hong Kong in the last 14 days prior to departure, excluding time spent in quarantine or stay-home notice.

Hong Kong also requires its residents to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 before departing, with some exceptions made for children and those medically unsuitable for vaccination. 

Those departing Singapore will have to install Hong Kong’s LeaveHomeSafe application before departure.


The COVID-19 situation will remain closely monitored until the target launch date. PHOTO CREDIT: ATYPEEK DGN VIA PEXELS


The Singapore-Hong Kong ATB will begin with one flight a day in each direction, capped at 200 passengers per flight for the first two weeks. Numbers will be reviewed thereafter.

The travel bubble will be suspended if the seven-day moving average of unlinked community cases in either city increases to above five. It will only resume when the COVID-19 situation has stabilised. 

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