Singapore among top 100 countries for COVID-19 safety

Nigel Chin

Published: 9 June 2020, 10:09 PM

Switzerland, Germany and Israel were ranked the three safest countries in the report by Deep Knowledge Group

COVID-19 has been disruptive for plenty of countries, bringing with it terms such as ‘new normal‘ – which includes working from home for a sustained period of time for plenty of workers around the world.

But amidst the disruptions, some countries were able to respond quickly and effectively towards the virus outbreak.

Now, countries have been ranked on how safe they are for COVID-19 in a 250-page report by the Deep Knowledge Group, a consortium of commercial and non-profit organisations from various industries such as investment and analytics.

The report placed Switzerland first, Germany second, and Israel third among all countries.

Singapore came in fourth, scoring relatively high marks in COVID-19 monitoring and detection, as well as its quarantine efficiency.

Japan is right behind Singapore in fifth spot, followed by Austria, China, Australia and New Zealand and South Korea respectively.

Among other countries in the region, Vietnam sits in 20th spot, Malaysia in the 30th spot and Thailand in the 47th spot.

The report added that many Asian regions appear to be nearing the later stages of the pandemic, as compared to countries in Europe, which are still in the middle or transitioning towards the later stages.

For the full report, click here.

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