Short thundery showers expected on most days in first half of October

Rainfall can be expected between the late morning and afternoon.

Janella Ching

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Published: 3 October 2023, 11:14 AM

UPDATE (Oct 3, 5:30pm): MSS said that Singapore “may experience” hazy conditions if the prevailing winds turn southwesterly and forest fires in Sumatra continue to persist. 

The wet weather across Singapore this past September is expected to continue into the first half of October, reported the Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) on Monday (Oct 2).

Short-duration thundery showers are expected to occur between the late morning and afternoon over parts of the island on most days from Oct 2 to 15.

This comes amid the persisting southeast monsoon conditions in and around Singapore, and low-level winds blowing mainly from the southeast or southwest. 

However, moderate to heavy afternoon showers can also be expected should there be a regional convergence of winds.

While more showers are forecasted in the coming fortnight, the daily maximum temperature could still reach 34 degrees Celsius or higher on one or two days, added MSS.

Overall, the rainfall for the first half of October is likely to be below average.

Updates on the daily weather forecast are available on the MSS website, NEA website and myENV app.

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