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SG Digital Office is hiring digital ambassadors with salaries up to $3,450

The digital ambassadors will teach hawker stallholders and other seniors to adopt e-payments.

Winny Wint Htae

Published: 1 June 2020, 10:24 PM

While COVID-19 has made job-seeking a concern for Singaporeans, it has also opened up doors to new job opportunities like becoming safe distancing ambassadors. The newest job created as a result of the situation: digital ambassadors.

The SG Digital Office (SDO) was recently established on May 31 to push the acceleration of digital adoption while the economy recovers from COVID-19. It aims to help every individual to go digital, business-owners included, to improve the lives of Singaporeans by being digitally connected.

Contactless payments at hawker centres are expected to become the norm as we transit out of the circuit breaker. Photo Credit: Tan Li Ling


To start off, SDO is hiring 1,000 digital ambassadors to teach stallholders in places like hawker centres and wet markets to go digital. The digital ambassadors will draw a salary of $1,800 to $3,450 depending on their job skills.

The digital ambassadors, inclusive of both full-timers and volunteers, will start working with the stallholders in all 112 hawker centres and wet markets in June, encouraging them to adopt e-payment systems. Industrial canteens and coffee shops will join the e-payment systems in July.

In order to include seniors in digital communications and transactions, the digital ambassadors will also start working with 100,000 elderly Singaporeans by March 2021, teaching them digital skills.

According to job listings, applicants should be good with technology, have good communication skills and be flexible with working hours. If you are interested in raising digitalisation in Singapore, check out these job listings to become a digital ambassador!

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