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Seven things we millennials want for Christmas

Since other generations find us confusing, this might help you understand us a little better.

Kaisah Wasis

Published: 19 December 2017, 12:00 AM

If you already find it hard to shop for Christmas gifts for your acquaintances, we sincerely hope that millennials are not in your friend list. It becomes especially hard when the receiving end of your gift is a millennial.

Millennials are a confusing bunch of young people. It is not even clear who they really are.

But, being millennials ourselves, we can tell you what we want for Christmas.

1. Financial security

If we are being honest, millennials do not know how to save. To add on, we love chasing experiences that are likely to be costly. But we also recognise that there are necessities that we cannot avoid in life, like paying our own bills and buying lunch.

So, it would be life-saving if someone could just come along and tell us: “Hey, I am going to cover all your financial needs from now on!”

Or at least, teach us how to differentiate between a want and a need, so that money spent is not a waste.

2. To age like Naomi Campbell

To age like Naomi Campbell, the Naomi Campbell. Supermodel legend, Naomi Campbell.

If we cannot get her supermodel status, we can at least try to get her flawless skin.

Give us a spa session, please!


Naomi at an event in November.
Photo credit: Naomi’s Instagram


3. Rihanna’s STUNNA Lip Paint in UNCENSCORED

Rihanna is one of those artistes people love for more than the music they make.

The Barbados-born artist has a killer voice and a “my way” attitude that millennials can only hope to pull off. She is also the brainchild of Fenty Beauty, a makeup line that has reached cult status.

You definitely cannot go wrong with gifting a millennial Fenty Beauty’s STUNNA Lip Paint. She has only released one shade for now, so it is still a relatively easy decision for you to make.


The glass bottle, and that shade of red, how can we not like this?
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4. Someone to teach us how to adult

The great J. R. R. Tolkien once said: “Not all those who wander are lost.”

Unfortunately, in this case, us millennials are still wandering and lost. With so many options to choose from, it is no wonder that we do not know what to do with our lives.

Are we meant to be saving money for university, or beyond? A degree in business, or design, or business design?

That is why having too many options is, sometimes, not the best idea.

5. Cute socks

Cute socks are a way to complete our outfits. Besides that, it is a necessity and it hurts a millennial more to pay for things that we actually need. Like underwear.


Socks add character to our outfits.
Photo credit: Youth.SG/Kaisah Wasis


6. An inclusive and accepting society

Progress is being made every day all over the world when it comes to inclusivity, and yet it seems like every time we take a step forward, we also take two steps back.

Is it not about time we charge forward and not look back?

Pink Dot, for example, breaks records every year, but new restrictions are also introduced to the event each time. Most recently, foreigners were not allowed to attend Pink Dot this year. Who knows what other changes may come our way next year?

7. Tickets to Incredibles 2 in 2018

This does not need any explanation. The first movie came out in 2004 and we have waited for way too long.

The Incredibles 2 official teaser trailer already has over 70 million views.


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