Seven songs written by Singaporeans to motivate others during COVID-19 outbreak

Singaporeans found plenty of ways to contribute in the fight against COVID-19 - even if it's writing just a song.

Jacelyn Chia

Published: 2 March 2020, 10:52 PM

While the COVID-19 outbreak has been a challenging period, Singaporeans are not singing the blues. Many have penned down songs to encourage or inspire fellow Singaporeans to keep safe and press on to overcome this outbreak – together as one country.

On Thursday (Feb 27), Fairfield Methodist (Primary) presented a gift to the National University Hospital, including the song ‘Singapore, Unite as One’ which was written by 12-year-old Jacob Neo. The music video for the song, released on the Ministry of Education’s Facebook page, was well-received, with more than 116,000 views so far.

Part of the lyrics written by Jacob aptly reads: “But I want you to know that you’re not alone.” Here are six other songs created by Singaporeans to motivate others during this challenging period.

1. JJ Lin and Stefanie Sun - Stay With You

Mandopop singers JJ Lin and Stefanie Sun – probably the two biggest names from Singapore – penned this heart-warming song as a tribute to the frontline staff. The lyrics of the chorus says “I’ll stay with you, to wait for the sunrise, without saying how tired or tough it felt, as long as someone feels contentment” – a nod to how the frontline staff have been working hard to keep their fellow Singaporeans safe. At the end of the song, a poignant message reads: “There is no imprisoned city, only a love that does not leave.”

2. Mediacorp - The Light

‘The Light’, written by SPOP Champion Jarrell Huang and TCA Artiste JJ Neo, rallies Singaporeans to stay strong and unite together to overcome the COVID-19 situation. The music video depicts different professionals in action such as healthcare professionals and Singapore Armed Forces servicemen. Singaporeans from all walks of life are also shown holding placards that says “#SGUnited” that symbolises a cohesive society working together to overcome this crisis.

3. 10-year-old Tong Rui'en's untitled song

One Saturday morning, 10-year-old Rui’en and her younger sister Ruirui moved their father, Tong Yee, to get breakfast for healthcare workers. The secret to getting dad out of bed? A sweet little song that Rui’en penned, dedicated to the hardworking healthcare workers.

4. - Together, We Can

This music video features the aptly named 1999 National Day Theme Song, ‘Together’. It depicts how Singaporeans have come together to keep Singapore safe during this outbreak – regardless if you are a healthcare worker, cleaner, or someone who felt the need to volunteer your help. Indeed “together, we feel the Singapore heartbeat”.

5. Spacewalk - The Wuhan Song

Spacewalk’s duo Firdaus Juma’at, 25 and Ruz Alif, 24, wrote the lyrics to the song at Woodlands bus interchange during the Chinese New Year weekend to put a smile on people’s faces, as everyone around them seemed stressed out worried about the virus spreading. They even did research on tips of preventing the virus and used all the information they found in the lyrics.  The music video for the song was also recorded in what appears to be a bedroom

6. Ministry of Education (MOE) - Bye Bye Virus

MOE released a catchy rap-song with accompanying dance moves on some steps that students can take to protect themselves from COVID-19. It also introduces five superhero characters known as ‘The Soaper 5’, which represent personal hygiene habits that students can practise to keep themselves and others safe. The five tips include washing your hands with soap, not touching your face, wearing a mask if you feel unwell and visit a doctor, as well as wiping down to make the place clean for the next person.

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