Seven reasons to be down about the Downtown Line

The Downtown Line is great but the complaining skills of Singaporeans are greater.

Muhammad Iqbal

Published: 12 January 2016, 4:52 PM

The new Downtown Line 2 (DTL2) was introduced during the last week of 2015 to good reception – probably because the rides were free. This gave residents living near DTL2 stations and other curious locals a glimpse of the new trains and stations that enhance Singapore’s transport infrastructure to cope with the increasing population.

Yet, us being Singaporeans, there is always something to complain about. Here are some humourous reasons to be down about the introduction of the DTL2.

1. No reason to be late

How many times have we used transport as an excuse for being late? Well, this time you need to find a new one because the DTL2 is connected to all the existing lines. You no longer can tell your friends that you will reach Orchard from Bukit Panjang in an hour because now it will only take 30 minutes!

It takes about 35 minutes to go from one end of the downtown line to the other.

2. 11 more stations to remember

There are 11 new stations you need to remember (and 27 once the entire line is completed). Pray you can remember them all. Maybe foreigners will be tested on the sequence, spellings or travelling time between all the MRT stations when they apply for permanent residence status, so good luck to them!

The downtown line has a number of interesting station names.

3. Students can no longer get their parents to send them to school

Sadly, family time in the morning for some households will be taken away because their children are now obliged to go to school by themselves. Nevertheless, parents can now hold their heads up high because it will teach their children a little more about being independent. #GodBlessSingapore

The driverless train allows students to imagine “driving” themselves to school.
4. Your eye candy may take a different route

You may be eyeing your secret crush who takes the same train/bus everyday but now he/she may use a different route! Time to say goodbye to your morning eye candies.

Show your interest before you lose your eye candy.


5. Property prices will soar

The Downtown Line and the future Thomson East Coast Line will connect almost every spot in Singapore. Soon, all houses in Singapore will be very accessible and near to an MRT station. The house your parents bought to be “close to an MRT station” will not be so special anymore.

6. Another possible breakdown disappointment

There were a few delays and technical faults on Dec 29th, a few days after the opening of the Downtown Line. Since we all know how Murphy’s Law works, having more lines will mean more chances for things to go wrong. So yes, expect the DTL2 to join the “train breakdown morning news”.

Some commuters on Twitter showing unhappiness during the delays.

7. Too many food places to choose from 

I abhor the big lunchtime question: “Where should we eat today ah guys?” Too many friendships have been lost and too much money wasted on many an unsatisfying lunch. We just cannot handle the stress and responsibility of choosing what to eat, especially with more options with the new line open.

Here are some awesome food places near the downtown line stations!

If you identify with these struggles, know that you have every right to be unhappy and complain about these first world problems.

However, if you feel that none of these are a problem for you, then you can rejoice with the rest of Singapore!



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