Seven Facebook groups for every kind of Singaporean

From coffee lovers to bookworms, there’s something for everyone.

Leow Sue Yu

Published: 7 June 2021, 1:40 PM

With the rise of social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, Facebook is receiving a reputation for being “for boomers”. 

But as a Gen Z student who actively uses Facebook, I’m here to prove otherwise with my absolute favourite Facebook feature: the groups you can join. 

Here are seven Facebook groups for every kind of Singaporean.

1. Coffee Snobs Singapore

There’s no shame in instant coffee, but for some, a good bag of coffee beans is the perfect way to start a morning.

Coffee Snobs Singapore is a group where local coffee lovers gather online to bond over their love for coffee. Contrary to its name, the community there is warm and welcoming.


In Coffee Snobs Singapore, you can find out more about underrated cafes and coffee beans. PHOTO CREDIT: FACEBOOK/COFFEE SNOBS SINGAPORE


As coffee lovers, the group’s members give amazing recommendations for where you can get the perfect brew in Singapore. Even if you’re new to the scene, the members will patiently answer any questions you may have about brewing your own coffee.

2. Books Don’t Throw

I love reading but, let’s be real, books can sometimes be expensive.

Instead of heading down to major bookstores, you can check out Books Don’t Throw. The group is perfect for readers who are always on the lookout for their next book but don’t want to empty their pockets. 

Members of the group can list any books that they would like to give away, and anyone can indicate their interest by commenting “Q” (short for “Queue”).


Book Don’t Throw was created to give old books a new life and to reduce wastage. PHOTO CREDIT: FACEBOOK/BOOKS DON’T THROW


With 24,500 members in the group, expect a wide range of genres suitable for all ages.

While receiving free books is great, do also consider listing the books that you’ve read for others to enjoy too!

3. Singapore Cycling Community

Spinning is the newest trend at the moment, but there’s still so much joy in traditional outdoor cycling.

Singapore Cycling Community is a Facebook group where cycling enthusiasts can share anything related to their hobby.

As there are no hard rules regarding what can be posted in the group, some have posted about the route they take to cycle, while others simply post beautiful photos of their new bikes and the scenery.


Singapore Cycling Community often has group discussions on the latest cycling news and regulations. PHOTO CREDIT: FACEBOOK/SINGAPORE CYCLING COMMUNITY


There are tons of posts that will help beginners embark on their cycling journey too! Members are often excited to share what phone application they use to track their statistics, or even discuss where they can get the best deals for bicycles. 

Fun fact: MP Mr Baey Yam Keng is in this group too!

4. Plant Swap Singapore

Being a plant lover is not just an aesthetic.

The group Plant Swap Singapore is exactly like its name suggests – members can swap anything plant-related. 

Anyone can list an item they have that is available for sharing, and they may sometimes even name a specific item that they want in return. If you happen to have it, you can arrange to swap your items with each other! 

Occasionally, people even give away extra seedlings for free.


There is a large variety of plants available for swapping in Plant Swap Singapore (SG), including common edibles like basil and mint. PHOTO CREDIT: FACEBOOK/PLANT SWAP SINGAPORE (SG)


Even if you don’t have any plants to swap yet, the group’s members sometimes answer questions about planting. Joining the group is a great opportunity to learn from the more experienced members.

5. Singapore Second Hand Clothing Sales

While we all love some good old retail therapy, youth who are aware of the dangers of fast fashion have turned to thrifting and buying secondhand clothes.

Singapore Second Hand Clothing Sales is where shopaholics can buy and sell secondhand clothes. 

With over 19,000 members in the group, you can choose from many different styles of clothing – which will come in handy when you’re on your internship and need office-appropriate outfits, but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars at fast fashion stores.


Clothes from popular brands like Young Hungry Free and UNIQLO can commonly be found in the group. PHOTO CREDIT: FACEBOOK/SINGAPORE SECOND HAND CLOTHING SALES


I’ve seen clothes going for as low as $2, and even designer items going for a mere fraction of their original price!

Since we should avoid going out now, why not try online shopping instead?

6. Budget Reno (SG)

From the downpayment to buying furniture, getting a new home seriously breaks the bank. When doing renovations that may cost a lot of money, groups like Budget Reno (SG) are truly a lifesaver.


Regardless of whether your house is a BTO flat or an executive condominium, the group has great renovation tips. PHOTO CREDIT: FACEBOOK/BUDGET RENO (SINGAPORE)


There are conversations about do-it-yourself hacks, suggestions for cheaper contractions or renovators, and recommendations on shops that sell affordable renovation necessities. 

Saving a couple of dollars on renovation can really add up, and will prevent you from spending every penny in your bank.

7. Cloudspotting & Skyspotting Singapore

We’ve all seen pictures of beautiful skies on Instagram stories. Well, Cloudspotting & Skyspotting Singapore is that and more.

The group was started with the sole intention of encouraging people to look up and be reminded that things will get better, as looking at pictures of clear blue skies and fluffy clouds reminds us that there is beauty in everything we see.


Upon joining the group, members can expect to wake up to beautiful photos of sunrises. PHOTO CREDIT: FACEBOOK/CLOUDSPOTTING & SKYSPOTTING SINGAPORE


Posts are not just limited to sights in Singapore – I’ve seen pictures of skies from other countries like Australia.

This group is nothing but wholesome and a feel-good group that spreads positivity and gratitude. 

Facebook groups are a fantastic way to be part of a community as there are groups for anyone and everyone. I love being able to learn new things about my hobbies in these groups, and am always on the lookout to join more groups. 

Which groups would you consider joining?

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