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Seven design ideas for your new Apple iOS 14 home screen

Apple released the new iOS 14 and many are sharing their revamped phone layouts online.

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Published: 23 September 2020, 7:27 PM

Apple released their new iOS 14 worldwide on Sep 16, compatible with iPhones 6s and later. One of the more prominent features that comes with this update is the new iPhone’s home screen layout.

Apple users can now add customisable widgets to their home screen. These help display information from specific applications without having to go through the trouble of opening the app itself.

While the main purpose of widgets are for convenience and accessibility, many have taken this as an opportunity to personalise and design their phones.

If you’re overwhelmed by all the possibilities at your fingertips and unsure of where to start, here are some home screen design ideas to get you inspired!

1. Minimalistic

Like keeping things simple? Why not try a minimalistic approach with this plain white design that’s easy on the eyes yet visually appealing.

Minimalist iphone setup
Keep your phone looking clean and organised with a minimalistic layout. PHOTO CREDIT: @ROSEADIANCE ON TWITTER


Adding line art drawings and icons really help tie the whole look together.

2. Colour-code

Too lazy to edit individual app icons but still interested in beautifying your home screen? Try arranging your apps by colour and adding different photo widgets to fit it.

Not only will your apps be easy to find, they will also look really neat!

Colourful Iphone setup
Each page is arranged in a different colour, with all apps of the same colour on one page. PHOTO CREDIT: @LEAHCARTWRIGH17 ON TWITTER


If you crave consistency and like having a set theme, you could go the extra mile in editing your icons and widgets to have the same pretty colour palette.

Pink Iphone setup
iOS 14 is also available on iPad. PHOTO CREDIT: @BANDIT_DRAWS ON TWITTER


3. Retro

Since the retro aesthetic is coming back into trend, why not turn your iPhone into a Windows desktop? It’s sure to confuse and intrigue your friends.

Retro Iphone Setup
Turn back time with a Windows 95 layout on your iPhone. PHOTO CREDIT: @POOFDRAWS ON TWITTER


If you want something eye-catching and bright instead, try an unforgettable neon theme instead.


Neon Iphone Setup
Literally “glow up” your phone with neon icons and widgets. PHOTO CREDIT: @DONTMINDMEHERE6 ON TWITTER


4. Follow a certain aesthetic

There are different aesthetic styles out there, such as cottagecoredark academia and many more.

Find one that resonates with you and incorporate similar photos from that aesthetic into your home screen.

Brown Iphone setup
Twitter user @yxclauu spent 3 hours designing her ‘brown aesthetic’ iOS 14 layout. PHOTO CREDIT: @YXCLAUU ON TWITTER


Aesthetic Iphone setup
An ‘art aesthetic’ layout, where the icons and widgets are of various artworks. PHOTO CREDIT: @DONTFWITMEE ON TWITTER


5. Your favourite celebrities

If you’re a huge fan of music artists or popular influencers, placing their photos and quotes on your phone would be a great way to showcase your love!

Kpop Iphone setup
This phone’s home screen features K-pop band BTS’ group leader – RM. PHOTO CREDIT: @SOLID_RM ON TWITTER


6. Movies/TV shows

Many of us are suckers for a good film. That’s why having pictures of characters from your favourite movies or shows would be a great addition.

And incorporating inside jokes and quotes from certain scenes help tie the overall look together.


Harry Potter Iphone setup
A Harry Potter layout, designed after the main character’s houses and their respective colours.


Studio Ghibli Iphone setup
This home screen features characters and scenes from animated films by Studio Ghibli, such as Spirited Away and Ponyo. PHOTO CREDIT: @HAILTHELYON ON TWITTER

7. Video games

Another possible idea could be to design your phone like one in a video game. Incorporate icons from your favourite games and turn your phone into pixel paradise.

Animal Crossing Iphone setup
Twitter user @okpng customised her phone with Animal Crossing New Horizons themed icons like the in-game NookPhone. PHOTO CREDIT: @OKPNG ON TWITTER


Minecraft Iphone Setup
A Minecraft themed layout with diamond tools, flowers, potions and material ores as app icons. PHOTO CREDIT: @SHANOTIXX ON TWITTER

Hopefully these designs have helped sparked some ideas. Now go forth and turn your iPhone into your aesthetic dream with iOS 14!





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