Seven acoustic songs that every guitarist must know

If you want to show off with a guitar, learn these songs right now.

Raphael Francisco

Published: 29 March 2016, 12:47 PM

History has blessed us with talented guitarists who have written amazing songs over the years.

Most of us aren’t great guitarists who will make it big, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn a few great songs to boast our musicality.

Here are seven acoustic songs that every guitarist must learn to be considered “legit”!

1. ‘Tears in heaven’ by Eric Clapton

One of the important songs for every guitarist, Tears in Heaven is a beautiful song with a harrowing meaning behind it.

It was written about the pain Clapton felt after the death of his four-year-old son, Conor, who fell from the 53rd floor window of an apartment building.

2. 'Guitar boogie' by Tommy Emmanuel

Watch and behold the godlike abilities of Tommy Emmanuel, possibly the greatest acoustic guitarist of our time.

We’re placing this vintage gold song on the list just to show you how impossible it is to learn in the first place, but that doesn’t mean you cannot try.

3. 'Pedestal' by Charlie Lim

How could we leave out local talent from this list?

It’s hard to put a specific genre to Charlie’s music, which is a mixture of acoustic melancholia, indie-R&B, electronic-pop and even post-rock. In ‘Pedestal’, Charlie plays this post-rock tune with an acoustic guitar.

With an amazing jazzy chord progression, it’s a great piece to play if you want to start learning Charlie’s music. Here’s me attempting to do a short tutorial for this song:


4. 'More than words' by Extreme

Mainstream music lovers, this is for you. Use this song to melt the hearts of your crushes or partners, because this is a typical and timeless romance ballad.

It’s also a great song to play when you’re just chilling with your friends since everyone should be familiar with this tune.

5. 'Hey there Delilah' by Plain White Ts

Another acoustic love song that needs to be learnt, it uses easy chords that shouldn’t pose a problem for most guitarists.

With its catchy plucking, it will captivate your friends who have no idea how to play the guitar. But if you are looking to show off to your friends who know music, this isn’t the song to play.

6. 'Blackbird' by The Beatles

A timeless piece by The Beatles’ legendary Paul McCartney and John Lennon, it is simple and easy to learn even for beginners.

Here’s a pro tip: Use vintage songs like this to impress potential in-laws; you can thank us for this later.

7. 'Neon' by John Mayer

If you think you can play most of John Mayer’s songs, then Neon is arguably your final challenge to learn. His left hand movements may be manageable if you have dexterous fingers, but check out his right hand and marvel at his phenomenal skill.

If you are feeling a little ambitious, you could try to learn how to sing the entire song along with the demanding guitar playing.

Are you ready?

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