Series review: I Am Groot is fun for the whole family

I Am Groot is twenty minutes of action-packed adventure through the eyes of the MCU’s most beloved tree child.

Alicia Ang

Strength: Memorising lyrics. Weakness: Having least 144 tabs open at all times.

Published: 12 August 2022, 3:57 PM

Following the success of their shorts like Baymax! and Olaf Presents, Disney+ has just dropped a brand new series: this time about everyone’s favourite Marvel child, Baby Groot. 

I Am Groot comprises five shorts with a total runtime of twenty minutes and follows the titular Groot during the time after the first Guardians of the Galaxy, when he was reduced to his baby form and had to re-discover the galaxy around him.

You might be wondering how Baby Groot could carry a show by himself – he’s not exactly known for having a wide vocabulary, after all. But despite that limitation, the creators of the show manage to tell a delightful story of a child and how he sees the world.

Every episode starts with a reimagined version of the iconic Marvel intro, and the gag sets the lighthearted tone of the show.

We then get five slice-of-life moments of the enigmatic and adorable character, and how he tackles life now that he’s been reduced to the size (and mindset) of a toddler.


Baby Groot also gets jealous of a non-sentient plant, which is pretty adorable. PHOTO CREDIT: THE WALT DISNEY STUDIOS


With both Guardians of the Galaxy films having an ensemble cast, it’s refreshing to see a beloved side character take the spotlight.

The sheer cuteness overload of (spoiler alert!) Groot taking his first steps after outgrowing his flower pot is just one example of how captivating he can be on his own.

He acts like any other child would, operating on kid logic and charmingly naive in how he reacts to the rest of the world.

Even without the witty banter or action-packed adventure that comes with the rest of the Guardians cast, Groot’s over-the-top physical humour and the wacky scenarios he gets himself into are more than enough to make you laugh.


Watching Groot have a spa day will be the highlight of your week. PHOTO CREDIT: WALT DISNEY STUDIOS


Unburdened by the many storylines of the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the audience just gets to enjoy a previously-unseen, innovative and mischievous side to Groot, during a period of time that didn’t get developed much in mainline MCU titles. 

He acts like any kid would if they were left to their own devices on an alien spaceship, and seeing the world through his eyes is a delight.

These shorts also make some adorable implications about how the rest of the Guardians take care of their newly toddler-fied teammate.

I Am Groot paints the badass Guardians of the Galaxy as more of a messy family trying to wrangle their youngest member. One cameo in particular (no spoilers!) shows how domestic the team can be when they’re not preoccupied saving the galaxy.

Whether you’re looking for a quick laugh, a lighthearted show for your kids or something for the whole family to watch together, I Am Groot is a treat for anyone watching.

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