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Secretlab launches ‘skins’ for TITAN Evo 2022

They also function as a second layer for the chairs.

Sherlyn Sim

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Published: 3 November 2022, 1:04 AM

Gamers can now “unlock” customisable skins for their gaming chairs with Secretlab SKINS.

Just like in-game skins, SKINS will allow TITAN Evo 2022 owners to change the look of their chairs easily, without having to buy a brand-new chair. The sleeves are form-fitted and indistinguishable from a normal chair.

As the sleeves are specially designed for the TITAN Evo 2022 chairs, they also provide an extra layer of comfort and protection, with extra padding and full-coverage protection from any wear and tear.


According to Secretlab, the sleeves can be put onto the chairs in just 3 minutes. PHOTO CREDIT: SECRETLAB


The SKINS come in various designs, including sleeves in classic SoftWeave colourways, as well as collaborations with League of Legends and The Witcher.


The sleeves are machine-washable. PHOTO CREDIT: SECRETLAB


Secretlab used a patent-pending fitting system to achieve the seamless fit of the sleeves, and tested many variants of their SoftWeave Plus fabrics with different tensile strength and rigidity to find the right material for the sleeves.

The sleeves can be removed and washed with a washing machine with regular wash settings.

Secretlab SKINS are compatible with all Secretlab NEO Hybrid Leatherette, NAPA Leather and SoftWeave Plus TITAN Evo 2022 chairs. They come in Small, Regular, and XL sizes.

The sleeves are available for purchase via Secretlab’s website. Regional pricing and availability may vary.

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