Science Centre Singapore’s UNTAME festival returns with performances, live light show

The three-month long festival is themed ‘Spaces to Places’.

Sherlyn Sim

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Published: 5 October 2022, 10:22 AM

A range of activities, including kid-friendly ones to a special event for more mature audiences, is offered at Science Centre Singapore (SCS) as part of the UNTAME festival. The festival returns for its third run this year, from October to December.

The first edition of UNTAME took place in 2020, with the goal of encouraging Singaporeans to dig deeper into Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and its related disciplines.

This year’s festival is themed Spaces to Places, pushing the idea that spaces become places when people fill the space and give it a purpose. According to the organisers, the festival places emphasis on public spaces and bringing people together after three years of lockdowns and social distancing worldwide.

There are four spaces that UNTAME covers – living space (sustainability), outer space (astronomy), cyber space (digitalisation and artificial intelligence), and inner space (mental health and wellness).

UNTAME 2022 consists of four segments: UNTAME Outreach, which began on Sep 23; UNTAME Online, which takes place from Oct 1 to Dec 11; UNTAME STEAM Festival, which is held from Oct 4 to 9; and UNTAME Onsite, which will happen from Dec 2 to 11.

Here are some of the highlights you can expect from each segment:

UNTAME Outreach: LOCI kits

As part of UNTAME Outreach, LOCI kits are available for purchase. LOCI, which stands for Living, Outer, Cyber and Inner, contains five STEM activities ranging from a card game to drones.


The drone flying activity includes coding a light ring to change colours when the drone is flown through it. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/SHERLYN SIM


Unlike last year, there will only be one kit this year. All kits come with a code that can be used to access online content, such as instructional videos on the activities included. 


The spin art machine is one of the activities included in the LOCI kits. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/SHERLYN SIM


The kits are priced at $54.90 each and are suitable for those aged 10 to 17.

UNTAME Online: #UNTAMEspaces

In #UNTAMEspaces, players will play as a STEMling, UNTAME 2022’s mascot. Players will have to save the world from being damaged by black goo caused by The Void. The black goo is drawn to empty spaces, so the STEMlings have to find a way to fill up the spaces with people.


The game is best played on handheld devices with a working web browser and camera function. PHOTO CREDIT: SCIENCE CENTRE SINGAPORE


The game will require players to go through minigames, video quizzes, and real life activities.

Players can stand a chance to win physical prizes including products from AFTERSHOCK PC and tickets to local attractions. 

UNTAME STEAM Festival: Toddler Zone

Parents with young children can consider attending the UNTAME STEAM Festival as a family. This segment offers programmes including 3D printing, arts and crafts and other hands-on activities.


The stress ball making area aims to help children explore inner space by identifying their emotions through the stress balls. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/SHERLYN SIM


There is also a Toddler Zone for children aged two to three to play in. The Toddler Zone features play areas that explore the different spaces, such as inner space and outer space.


There is a ball pit in the Toddler Zone to help toddlers understand inner space through emotions. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/SHERLYN SIM


The Toddler Zone also houses a mini-game where toddlers will have to help a character, Jo, find the shortest route home with the help of a robot.

Finally, there will be an exclusive performance, Mars I Do This?, which follows the story of Jo and her two best friends Strelka and Ham as they travel to Mars and fix the Mars rover.


The performance revolves around themes like friendship, problem-solving and adventure. PHOTO CREDITS: SCIENCE CENTRE SINGAPORE


The performance will take place from Oct 4 to 9 at 10am, 12pm and 2pm, with an additional 4pm slot on Oct 7 and 9.

UNTAME STEAM Festival tickets can be bought on SISTIC, with child tickets (aged two to six) priced at $79.90 and adult tickets (aged seven and above) priced at $24.90.

UNTAME Onsite: UNTAME Day and After Dark

UNTAME Day will feature a real life game world concept, METANU, where visitors will be immersed in an environment where SCS has been overtaken by black goo caused by The Void. 

Visitors will have to complete four missions related to the four spaces as well as a target shooting game to collect points, win prizes and ward off The Void.

There will also be film screenings from the Science Film Festival collection by the Goethe-Institut Singapore, as well as a flea market where visitors can find handmade and sustainable goods.

UNTAME Day will be held from 10am to 5pm. Tickets to UNTAME Day will be sold via GEVME, priced at $15.90, including admission fee.

On the other hand, UNTAME After Dark is an event meant for mature audiences. It features a version of METANU set at a higher difficulty, and also offers live musical performances and film screenings.

There is also a beer station where visitors can enjoy six unique beer flavours brewed locally by Fountain Microbrewery.


Some beer flavours include Indian Pale Ale, Weizen, Pandan and Cherry Lager. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/SHERLYN SIM


Visitors can also enjoy the Fire Tornado show, which will be displayed after hours for the first time.

To facilitate the event, SCS will extend its opening hours to 10.30pm. Tickets for UNTAME After Dark will be sold through SISTIC, priced at $19.90. Only guests aged 18 and above will be allowed entry into UNTAME After Dark.

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