Science Centre Singapore unveils Climate Changed Exhibition curated to highlight the current climate crisis

Participants can receive a “Climate Driver’s Licence” and sustainability tips.

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Published: 19 October 2022, 6:26 PM

Science Centre Singapore unveiled Climate Changed, its latest exhibition themed on climate change, on Oct 17.

This permanent exhibition is the third edition of Science Centre’s climate change campaign experience. The first, launched in 2008, was to educate the public on the developing state of climate phenomena, while the second, launched in 2014, was to foster personal environmental stewardship.

This year’s edition is named Climate Changed as it is curated to highlight the real and present threat of the climate crisis against the background of the warmest decade ever recorded. The exhibition includes consequences of inaction and sustainable steps that people can take to counter its impact.

Climate Changed consists of two parts – a 20-minute show and an interactive segment.

The show is hosted by two virtual sheep, named Felicity and Sheepy, and an AI machine Bo. It features four local and foreign climate scientists discussing their work on sustainability-based research and features content made in collaboration with Science North from Canada.

Five local and foreign advocates who have spearheaded efforts against climate change also make an appearance in the show. Together, the speakers encourage the audience to take action against climate change.


The 20-minute show also features a tablet annotating additional information. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/LIAM WILLETT


Participants of the exhibition are then led to Guilt Trip, an interactive segment inspired from board games. 

This interactive segment takes guests on a ‘road trip’ through five themed zones – Water Consumption, Food Waste & Food Production, Technology & Electricity Consumption, Recyclability & Sustainability and Emissions to learn more about sustainability in everyday situations. 

This segment includes facts about food production in Singapore and highlights of the Singapore Green Plan 2030.


Participants are given a game card to scan and progress through each element of the game. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/LIAM WILLETT


At the end of the interactive segment, participants can obtain a “Climate Driver’s Licence” – a scorecard showing their proficiency at climate action as well as a list of sustainability tips for daily application.


Participants can have their “Climate Driving Licence” emailed to them after submitting their game cards to kiosks at the end of the exhibition. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/LIAM WILLETT


Climate Changed is Science Centre Singapore’s biggest gamified exhibition to date, as part of its strategy to lower barriers to understanding complex topics and increase guest engagement.

In addition, the exhibition space is built using environmentally friendly materials such as Oriented Strand Boards.

Minister for Sustainability and the Environment Ms Grace Fu joined the launch of the exhibition and spoke about how individuals must bring about behavioural change with better understanding of the science of climate change. 

“The habit of sustainable living must start with us individuals. We contribute to emissions directly and indirectly through our daily habits and consumption. Science can help us make informed decisions on the changes needed and convince our people that our actions matter,” she said.

She added about Climate Change initiatives launched by the Government, including launching the $23.5 million Climate Impact Science and committing $220 million under the Research, Innovation and Enterprise 2025 for research and development in resource circularity and water technologies.

Ms Grace Fu called for Singaporeans to make the green nation pledge at the Forward Singapore and “commit to championing a green, liveable and climate-resilient Singapore”.

The permanent exhibition will be opened to the public on Oct 21. Science Centre Singapore ticket holders will enjoy complimentary admission to Science Centre Singapore ticket holders. 

More information on Climate Changed can be found on Science Centre Singapore’s website.

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