Science Centre Singapore announces UNTAME: Rebooting Our World festival

This year’s UNTAME festival will tackle the topic of sustainability in the wake of the new normal.

Alicia Ang

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Published: 16 September 2021, 2:25 PM

As we enter the new normal, Science Centre Singapore is launching the second ever UNTAME Festival, addressing sustainability in a post-COVID-19 world. 

Launching on Sep 16, the festival will run until Dec 5. Unlike last year’s fully online festival, this year’s will be a hybrid of four online and on-site stages. The stages will feature hands-on activities and immersive games.

One such stage is UNTAME Online, which will run from Oct 29 to Dec 5. Players will travel through a virtual dystopian version of our world that shows what the planet could look like if we live unsustainably. They will embark on missions to restore the world, making small decisions that could make a big impact on our real world.

Then from Nov 20 to Nov 28, visitors can participate in UNTAME Day, a series of hands-on workshops. Participants can upcycle water bottles and make their own snack packs.


UNTAME Day will feature over ten hand-on activities for visitors to take part in. PHOTO CREDIT: SCIENCE CENTRE SINGAPORE


They can also contribute to CAPtivate, a bottlecap mural made in collaboration with actor and artist Edmund Chen, and be farmers for a day at the onsite farmer’s market.

In addition, from Dec 3 to Dec 5, Science Centre Singapore will be open until 10.30pm and visitors can take part in UNTAME After Dark.


UNTAME After Dark will premiere The Electrified Show, featuring special effects made by local artist Kiki Tay. PHOTO CREDIT: SCIENCE CENTRE SINGAPORE


This stage features four curated zones to visit, all while listening to live performances. 

The Flea Zone will have booths featuring sustainable and eco-friendly brands visitors can shop from, and the Activity Zone will feature classic arcade games and a neon maze. 

The Lifestyle Zone will feature a 360 degree wall projection, designed to take participants out of this world. Lastly, the Food Zone will bring you through a feast of Instagrammable gourmet foods. 

For more info about UNTAME: Rebooting Our World, you can visit here

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