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*SCAPE building to undergo rejuvenation, more youth development facilities expected

The building is expected to reopen its doors to the public in early 2024.

Muhd Zahin Ilmi

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Published: 27 July 2022, 4:06 PM

The *SCAPE building will undergo a rejuvenation to transform into a space for youth development and a hub where “youth can pilot new ideas, express their creativity and explore their interests”. 

Plans for the rejuvenation were announced on Wednesday (Jul 27). *SCAPE said it is slated to open its doors to the public in early 2024. 

The new *SCAPE will take a “refreshed approach” to programming and partnerships, in response to evolving youth trends. 

The redevelopment of the *SCAPE building is also intended to complement the larger Somerset Belt with its refreshed positioning, as well as contribute to its revitalization master plan of turning into a vibrant district for youths in Singapore, said the organisation. 

Apart from improvements in its building and technology infrastructure, the *SCAPE building will also be segmented into three key zones across five levels.

The first zone, Sense and Sustainability, will serve as a place for budding entrepreneurs to gather and exchange ideas.

As for the second zone, Freedom for Expression, it aims to provide a platform for creative youths to express themselves through various forms in the creative economy.

The third and final zone, My Creative Haven, seeks to provide a digital and physical space for creatives and content creators to learn and collaborate.

The new *SCAPE building will also feature an integrated entranceway design that seeks to promote cross pollination between the various spaces and encourage deeper collaboration. 


Artist’s impression of the new *SCAPE entranceway. PHOTO CREDIT: ZARCH


During its rejuvenation, *SCAPE will continue to offer its series of apex programmes, such as the National Youth Film Awards, Music Day Out! and Creative Fellowship to support youth in harnessing their creativity. 

Its recently introduced RaceHub which was opened in collaboration with the Legion of Racers will also continue to be open to the public till the end of Singapore Grand Prix season in October 2022.

On top of the youth development activities and facilities, the new building is also expected to feature a refreshed line-up of retail, entertainment and leisure experiences. More details on the plans will be revealed closer to the date the building’s reopening, said *SCAPE. 

*SCAPE was first opened in 2010 and served as a venue for the inaugural Youth Olympic Games. 

Its longtime tenants include fast-food restaurants McDonalds’ and Subway. 

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