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*SCAPE announces winners of Dance Dance Hallyu Showdown, to represent Singapore at 2023 K-POP World Festival

The event celebrates the talents of young individuals in K-Pop dance and vocals.

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Published: 31 August 2023, 10:56 AM

The winners of the Dance Dance Hallyu Showdown that was held on Aug 25 and 26 at *SCAPE The Ground Theatre have been announced by *SCAPE.

The top two winners from the dance category and the first-place winner from the vocal category will move on to represent Singapore in the next qualifier round of the 2023 K-Pop World Festival.

The winners for the Dance category are Z-Axis, C404Dance and Z2K.

The Z-Axis team consists of Kenzuo Tang, 21; Cody Oe, 21; Nurazahani Abdul Razak, 23; Daryl Lim, 24; Daryl Tan, 26; Wu Xi, 26; Scott Lim, 28; and Hong Kaiqiang, 28.

C404Dance is made up of six members. They are Ng Ju Lynne Valerie, 21; Nur Anisah Badaruzaman, 23; Jerie Goh Kah Ying, 23; Viridis Ma QianYi, 23; Koh Hui Jen Amanda, 24; and Julika Woo Kar Men, 25.

Z2K is a five-member group that includes Germaine Khoo, 24; Elaine Wong, 26; Kiki Yeap, 27; Oh Jung, 27; and He Ziran, 31.


Winners from the Dance Category for the Dance Dance Hallyu Showdown. PHOTO CREDIT: *SCAPE SINGAPORE


In the vocal category, Marae, 21; Andiq Faris Haziq, 23; and LILITH emerged as winners. LILITH, a team of six, comprises Chua Jing Yun, 18; Ng Xuan Min, 18; Chu Jia Ying Cheralyn, 18; Hannah Koh Ling Fang, 18; Nur Hanani Nordin, 19; and Tok Sherlyn, 20.


Winners from the Vocal Category for the Dance Dance Hallyu Showdown.


The winning teams will compete against talents from around the world at the 2023 K-Pop World Festival held in Changwon, South Korea.

The K-Pop festival, first initiated in 2011, stands as a prominent Hallyu event. It is co-hosted by South Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and KBS, a public broadcasting station.

The Dance Dance Hallyu event consisted of the Showdown, workshops, and K-Pop Random Play Dance, catering to youths. According to the organisers, the event hopes to recognise and showcase the skills of young individuals in K-Pop dance and vocal performances, fostering connections among youths with shared interests.

Ivy Lim, Executive Director of *SCAPE said that the team is proud to support the youths’ journey in the world of entertainment and “provide them with opportunities on an international scale.”

“We are pleased to partner with the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Singapore for this year’s Dance Dance Hallyu as we strive to nurture and provide platforms for our young talents in Singapore,” she added.

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