Ripped jeans are tearing into the fashion scene

Jump on the bandwagon and toss out your boring jeans.

Kristen Lazarte

Published: 3 June 2016, 2:56 PM

Recently, the ripped jeans trend from the 1980s has made a comeback. Plenty of celebrities in US have started the ball rolling, and Singapore is starting to embrace this trend.

2016’s take on ripped jeans is all about erasing the ripped jeans’ grungy roots, making them more hipster and wearable.

Here are the four styles of ripped jeans you can try, ranging from barely there rips to full-on distressed looks.

1. Small rips

This style has been paraded a million times, due to its subtlety.  Since the rips are small, you can still jump on the trend without feeling shy about exposing your thighs in heavily ripped jeans.

Small rips help you project a preppy-punk vibe.

This trend, which started in the punk-grunge era, is now a main staple in the rock/indie scene. For a preppy look, pair it with a pair of sneakers or heels, and a minimalistic top.

2. Extreme distressed ripped

The extreme distressed rip features huge, gaping holes in your jeans. If worn wrongly, it might give you hobo vibes.

These jeans are great for our erratic weather. Photo credit: CELEBDELACREAM.COM

Take a style tip from Hollywood celebrities Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner and pair your extremely distressed ripped jeans with nice shoes and a fancy shirt, jacket or blazer.

3. Busted knees

This is another common style for ripped jeans. It’s casual, fun, and versatile. Even when paired with formal wear, like coats and oxfords, the ripped knees add a playful vibe to your overall look.

Busted knees can be pretty cute. Photo credit: THETRENDSPOTTER.NET

4. Patches and distresses

For a more distressed look, try wearing something with both patches and rips. Patches are so 2000, but if you pair with the right accessories like plain sneakers or cropped tops, you could still revive it.

Try one of these styles for a spin on the ripped jeans. Photo credit OOTDMAGAZINE.COM (LEFT) AND FASHIONGUM.COM

If you don’t want to buy a pair of ripped jeans just to get the look, try wearing patterned tights underneath your jeans. A lace detail under your ripped jeans looks pretty dope too, like the picture above.

Are you a fan of the ripped jeans trend? Share with us in the comments below!

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