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Restaurant in Osaka serves unique hot ramen and ice cream combination

It seems like customers are enjoying it.

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Published: 20 January 2022, 12:02 PM

If you think having milo powder coated chicken pops is weird, wait till you hear about this food combination.

A restaurant in Osaka, Japan, serves a bowl of hot ramen topped with a vanilla and chocolate flavoured ice cream cone for ¥850 (S$10) ala carte

Despite the unusual combination, it seems like this dish is gaining popularity in Japan. “It has been about two weeks since we started selling sweet and spicy miso, but we are still receiving good reviews,” the restaurant said in its Instagram post.

A diner also shared in a review that many customers were ordering the ice cream ramen while he was there. 

The diner added that the sweet and cold ice cream tones down the spice from the soup, giving it a mellow taste. 

The restaurant has a reputation of creating unique ramen combinations. Last year, it offered cotton candy as an add-on option for its hot ramen dish. 

These dishes will only be made available for a limited time as the restaurant intends to innovate new combinations every few months. 

If you can’t visit Osaka in time to try the dish, you might want to consider adding a scoop of ice cream into your instant ramen instead. 

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