Republic Polytechnic’s ‘Reflections’ arts festival to run Oct 18-Nov 4; features live music, dance, theatre performances

The festival will feature RP students and staff.

Janella Ching

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Published: 3 October 2023, 11:03 AM

Live music and dance performances will be featured at Republic Polytechnic’s arts festival, Reflections, held from Oct 18 to Nov 4.

The annual community arts festival will be hosted at The Republic Cultural Centre (TRCC) Theatre.

Now in its 17th year, this edition  themed Co-Exist – aims to embrace diversity and inclusivity.

Besides celebrating the talent and creativity of RP students and staff, the festival also offers visitors a chance to network with fellow culture and arts enthusiasts, said the organisers.

Event highlights include the dance concert, MUSE XII: Where are we now? – featuring multiple dance pieces from RP dance groups such as Capoeira, Modern Dance, Style Groovaz Crew and Wushu. The concert will take place on Oct 21, 8pm.

The dancers also hope to deconstruct the concept of harmony and examine the scope of humans’ co-existence with this stage. Tickets are priced at $10 per person.


The performance aims to stimulate conversations and questions about our purpose and how we live our lives. PHOTO CREDIT: REPUBLIC POLYTECHNIC


Happening on Oct 28 at 8pm, Euphony – Harmony of Sounds is a collaboration between RP Chinese Ensemble and RP String Ensemble. This double bill concert merges traditional and classical music, showing the uniqueness of each instrument and individual. 

Tickets for the performance will go for $10 per person. 


The performance will also feature musicians from The Purple Symphony and Inclusive Arts Movement (I.AM). PHOTO CREDIT: REPUBLIC POLYTECHNIC


Another highlight is Quintessential: Timeless, a performance by Jammerz Arena, an RP interest group of musicians who dabble in genres like jazz, pop, blues and rock.

Their reimagination of these songs will highlight how music co-exists through the wheel of time. Visitors can look forward to it on Nov 4, 8pm. Admission is free through registration.


The group will put on a performance of reimagined songs old and new, spanning multiple eras and genres. PHOTO CREDIT: REPUBLIC POLYTECHNIC


Besides musical performances, Reflections will also feature an adaptation of the play Ah Boy and the Beanstalk, written by award-winning Singaporean playwright Haresh Sharma. 

Staged by RP Operation Theatre on Oct 27 at 8pm, the play is a localised, modernised re-telling of the fairy-tale Jack and the Beanstalk. Admission is free through registration.

This performance will also be adapted into a sensory show for audiences on the spectrum, alongside a workshop for anyone who is keen to learn more about staging a sensory performance.

The free workshop, titled Create Your World, will show audiences a peek into how RP creates their yearly sensory shows. Visitors have the chance to create their own “sensory world” and understand the behind-the-scenes workings of a sensory show.

It will be taught by theatre practitioner Gloria Tan, who has been co-developing multi-sensory shows for children with autism spectrum disorder since 2015, under the TRCC.

The workshop will take place on Oct 28 at 2pm. Those interested can register for it on Eventbrite

The full festival schedule is available at RP’s website.

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