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Reebok launches new villain-inspired Power Rangers collection

The collection features both shoes and apparel inspired by the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

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Published: 21 March 2022, 2:09 PM

Reebok launched its second Power Rangers collection on Mar 15, featuring sneakers and clothes inspired by the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers television series. 

This is the second Power Rangers line Reebok has developed in collaboration with Hasbro. 

While the first collection launched in June 2021 paid tribute to the heroes of the show, the latest one shifts the spotlight to the villains, with designs inspired by antagonists like Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd and Rito Revolto.

Each individual shoe design is modeled after one character, with designs and markings that emulate the character’s signature features. 

Notable designs in this collection include the Instapump Fury Rita Repulsa (US$200, about S$271), the Hurrikaze II Low Rito Revolto (S$190) and the Answer IV Lord Zedd (S$230)

The collection also includes Power Rangers-inspired Zig Dynamica running shoes (S$122) and shoes for children of various ages.

The Answer IV Lord Zedd pays tribute to Lord Zedd’s red body, silver armour and blue tubes. PHOTO CREDIT: REEBOK


Each pair of shoes comes with insoles that mark significant moments or features of the character who inspired the shoe. For example, the Answer IV Lord Zedd insole shows the ingredients in Rita Repulsa’s love potion, which she used on Lord Zedd. 

The shoes also have packaging customised to their character, such as the Rita’s Moon Dumpster box that contains the Rita Repulsa-inspired Instapump Fury


The Instapump Fury features all of Rita’s signature markings. The pony hair on the heel also emulates Rita’s headgear. PHOTO CREDIT: REEBOK


The apparel completing the collection includes one hoodie, one long sleeved tee and three t-shirts. 

The hoodie (S$108) is inspired by the Megazord’s transformation and the long sleeved tee (S$54) embodies the Green Ranger. The t-shirts (S$47) showcase both the heroes and villains of the Power Rangers franchise. 

This Reebok x Power Rangers collection will be available in unisex sizing here from Mar 25.

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