Redhill Food Centre patrons can pay for meals for the needy through new initiative

Forty-nine hawker stalls are participating in the It’s On Me Programme.

Xynthea Ong

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Published: 11 August 2021, 2:38 PM

An initiative to allow patrons at the Redhill Food Centre to do a good deed – pay for meals which can be redeemed by the needy – has started. 

Called It’s On Me, the programme was launched on National Day and shared on Facebook by Member of Parliament for Radin Mas SMC Melvin Yong.

To take part, patrons of these participating hawker stalls in Redhill Food Centre can purchase a meal or a drink for the less fortunate by paying an additional amount when buying their own meals. Currently, 49 hawkers have participated in the pilot. 

Every gifted meal or drink will be displayed on the stall front of each participating hawker in the form of a small magnet. 

Beneficiaries will be able to take one of the magnets to redeem a free meal from the participating hawker of their choice. 

“Through the Radin Mas It’s On Me Programme, we hope to tap on community support to support our hawkers and at the same time, also provide a free meal to those who need one,” Mr Yong wrote. 

Our Redhill hawkers tell me that business had dropped significantly in the past month, some by over 70 per cent, when dining-in was prohibited during the heightened alert period.”

Mr Yong added that he hopes more hawkers will join the programme in the next phase.

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