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Reddit user creates a game about Safe Entry

Now you can finally live a day in the life of a Safe Entry staff.

Charlotte Chang

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Published: 19 November 2021, 12:35 PM

Inspired by the indie game Papers, Please, Reddit user Dartteon and illustrator Yu Jing (@yujing.draw on Instagram) have come up with a new game Scan Please! to reflect the daily struggles of a safe entry staff.

Unlike the dystopian setting of Papers, Please, the localised Scan Please! takes on a much more light-hearted approach to the scan-and-go simulation game.


People will attempt to use outdated SafeEntry pages and even memes to bypass checking in. SCREENSHOT FROM SCAN PLEASE!


Initially made for Heritage Game Jam 2021, Dartteon decided to use this opportunity to spotlight the efforts of Safe Entry staff under the theme of “Everyday Heroes”.

The gameplay is simple. Much like Tinder, players have to swipe right on those who meet the Safe Entry requirements, and swipe left on those who don’t.


Shoppers are required to show their phones as proof of entry into the mall. SCREENSHOT FROM SCAN PLEASE!


Upon permitting entry of a person who doesn’t meet the requirements, the game will automatically strike out one of your three lives for that round, along with a reminder of what you did wrong.


Be careful not to make too many mistakes or it’s game over! SCREENSHOT FROM SCAN PLEASE!


As the game progresses, just like in real life, more and more requirements are added for entry into the mall, including making sure people check into the correct area on the right day.

There is even a time limit added to simulate the realistic flow of people entering a mall at the final stage.

Upon completion of the Story mode, the mall’s security guard will congratulate you for a job well done, but also reveal that the mall will be shutting down, hence the player’s unemployment. 

However, now you can play the game in Arcade mode, which jumps straight to the highest difficulty of the game as you attempt to set a personal record. 

Fellow Redditors have suggested a sequel of the game as the player plays as an ICA officer at Changi Airport following the ever-changing VTL rules. Others have applauded the effort put in behind the game, as well as empathise with the hardships of Safe Entry staff.

You can try out the game for free here!

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