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Razer releases air purifier mask perfect for a game-themed Halloween costume

The Razer Zephyr has all the functions of a normal mask, but adds an extra touch for comfort and style.

Charlotte Chang

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Published: 29 October 2021, 12:18 PM

Razer has released a mask that may seem like an accessory to your Halloween costume, but there’s more to it than it seems. 

Despite its resemblance to a video game accessory, the Razer Zephyr was designed for people to stay safe, social and sustainable.

The replaceable N95 Grade filters offer two-way protection and can be changed daily, protecting the user and those around them. This makes the reusable mask safe and more sustainable in the long run.

As for the social aspect of the mask, the transparent front allows people to finally see the bottom half of your face after a year of having it covered. It also remains clear thanks to a layer of anti-fog coating that can be reapplied with the bottle of anti-fog spray that comes with the mask.

Breathe in the future with Razer Zephyr—featuring Dual Intake Fans for active air circulation with adjustable speed...

Posted by Razer on Sunday, October 24, 2021

The two chambers on the sides also include fans to allow for air circulation and comfortable breathing. 

Some of its functions can be controlled within the Zephyr app, such as the RGB lights and the fan speed.

In terms of protection from COVID-19, the Razer Zephyr is not considered medical equipment nor personal protective equipment (PPE) and is not meant to be used in medical or clinical settings as it is not tested specifically against the virus.

However, it does offer the same functionality of a normal mask and provides sufficient protection due to its 99 per cent Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) rating.

Unfortunately, the mask is sold out at the moment, but interested buyers can register here to be notified when it’s restocked.

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