Pysonix announces Rocket League Sweepside for mobile

The vehicular football video game will soon be available on iOS and Android.

Khalisa Zulkiflee

Creative writer and comedian on the side.

Published: 30 March 2021, 10:53 AM

Psyonix, the developer behind Rocket League, has announced a mobile version of the popular sport-based video game that will be available on iOS and Android later this year. 

Named Rocket League Swipeside, the free-to-play app will replicate the gameplay of the original video game but in a two-dimensional space. 

Launched in 2015, Rocket League is a football game using rocket-powered vehicles. Prior to the mobile version announcement, it was only available on PC and console. 

In the mobile version, players will be competing in either one-vs-one or two-vs-two matches. Each match will last for two minutes and the shortened gameplay time allows for users to play it on the go. 

With online play, users can choose to play with friends near or far. There will also be Competitive Ranks, an online ranking system, for users who wish to play competitively. 


Players will be able to choose different decals, paint jobs and boosts to customise their cars. PHOTO CREDIT: POCKET GAMER


The app will feature mobile controls that are easy to navigate and pick up. It will also include extensive car customisation options, similar to the console and PC versions of the game. 

Although an exact release date has not been announced, more will be revealed in the coming months. Interested users can check for updates via the Rocket League website here.

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