Public transport horror stories

We're not even talking about the train breakdowns here.

Phang Jing Lin

Published: 11 September 2017, 12:44 PM

I’m sure we have all had at least one nasty experience on public transport.

Mine was the freaky experience in secondary school when a creepy man kept staring at my friend and I on the second deck of the bus, and eventually followed us down the steps as we rushed to get off.

It doesn’t matter if your public transport horror story ended in disgust or screams, here are a few other cases of transportation terror that will make you feel like you are not suffering alone.

Bottleneck situation

“In primary school, I took a bus and was the last person boarding. I took a step on and barely got my head into the bus when the doors closed on my neck.

My head and one leg was inside the bus while the rest of my body was outside. It was freaking painful and I couldn’t move my neck for a few days.

I guess you could say the door hit on her.

I was damn embarrassed because it was such a funny and awkward situation and everyone inside was staring at me.” – Chan Yan Ling, 20, student

The moody uncle

“Before entering a bus to school, I saw the driver talking angrily to a female student.

He was accusing her of not being a student while using a secondary school card. I helped the girl to explain to the bus driver in Chinese that she had not changed her card as she was a Polytechnic Foundation Programme (PFP) student, but he insisted on confiscating her card, saying that many people cheat the bus fare by using a student card.

The entire bus was full of people waiting for him to start driving or all of us with 9am classes were going to be late. I was kind of mad that no one else stood up for that girl…or rather the both of us.

A while later, a guy at the back finally shouted for the bus driver to stop bullying the girl. Only then he reluctantly returned the girl’s card. I felt so angry and sad for the girl.” – Soh Mun Yee, 20, student

“I was late for lecture that day thanks to him,” said Mun Yee.

Comments section come to life

“I watched two old men argue about the government on the train.

One of them started shouting how he lost everything and he started to strip. He managed to get everything off before we reached the next station and the security people wrestled him onto the ground.” – Wong King Lam, 24, undergraduate

The pervert

“It happened last week, I think it was at Potong Pasir. I witnessed a dude, who looked pretty young, jerking off while standing very closely behind a lady wearing a bareback outfit.

Too close for comfort. Photo credits: Jing Lin

The lady didn’t know about it till an auntie shouted at him, asking him what he was doing, and he immediately zipped up his pants and ran off.

It totally scarred me.” – Lim Ying Xuan Ynez, 21, undergraduate

The Merlion

“I was on holiday in Barcelona when my mum’s friend travelling with us puked on the train. We didn’t have a plastic bag with us, and had to wet wipe the floor and all.

Lesson learnt: Always bring a plastic bag with you, it can come in handy.” – Amanda Choo, 20, student


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