Public Hygiene Council introduces three mascots alongside new toilet initiative

The campaign launch also featured 10 winning entries for the “Feed my Trashemon” competition.

Nyi Htet

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Published: 26 April 2022, 4:56 PM

Three new mascots were unveiled at the launch of the Public Hygiene Council (PHC)’s annual Keep Clean, Singapore! Campaign on Sunday (Apr 24). 

Three-eyed Trayemon, with her unmistakable purple hair, advocates for the public to return their trays so that the next diner can enjoy a clean table. 

Trashemon, a ranger whose shade of green is reminiscent of the waste bins in Singapore, reminds the public to bin their trash. 

Toilemon, as it is aptly named, is blue and resembles a sparkling spotless toilet. His role is to encourage public washroom users to practise good toilet habits. 

Together, these Supermons represent PHC’s core initiatives – tray return, proper binning of trash, and good toilet etiquette. 

“The campaign is a timely reminder of how we must continue to improve public cleanliness to protect ourselves not just from COVID-19, but also future diseases and other existing threats, such as dengue,” said Minister for Sustainability and the Environment Grace Fu. 

The launch also featured the top-10 winning entries of the “Feed My Trashemon” competition, open to secondary school youths. 

Held as a collaboration between PHC and the Ministry of Education (MOE), the competition educated students on cleanliness and hygiene. The winning designs, which were selected from more than 340 entries, will be used to produce functional bins and will be situated in the schools of the winners. 

Additionally, PHC is in talks with corporate partners to place these bins around their premises as a reminder to keep the shared spaces clean. 

A new Neighbourhood Toilets Community Group was also announced during the event. The initiative aims to make the public and premise owners more aware of their responsibility towards keeping the public restrooms clean. 

“Keeping Singapore clean and safe requires collective action by every member of the community. Let us work together to rally and remind everyone to keep Singapore, our home, truly clean,” said Miss Fu.

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