Public advised to only purchase enough medicine for their own consumption, says MOH

Members of the public are advised to purchase an alternative brand if a preferred brand is currently unavailable.

Fitri Mahad

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Published: 22 December 2022, 4:53 PM

Members of the public have been advised by the Ministry of Health (MOH) to purchase only medicine enough for their own consumption to avoid wastage. 

MOH was responding to media queries on Wednesday (Dec 21) in light of the stock situation of over-the-counter medicine in retail pharmacies, according to a CNA report.

CNA reported that there has been more demand for medicine in pharmacies, with retailers observing more Chinese Nationals buying panadol in recent days. This is likely due to a rise of COVID-19 infections in China as the country eased their restrictions, resulting in drug shortages. 

MOH also said it was aware that retailers and retail pharmacies have seen an increased demand for over-the-counter medicines to treat fever, cough and cold.

Watsons outlets around the Chinatown area ran out of Panadol, except for the menstrual and muscle and joint varieties, reported CNA. Watsons told CNA that it has set a purchase limit of up to six units of Panadol products per customer for now. 

MOH also urged members of the public to purchase an alternative brand if a preferred brand is currently unavailable. Retailers and retail pharmacies carry a diverse range of brands for each type of medicine including generic medicines, which are just as effective as branded medicines, the ministry added.

A Reddit thread posted three days ago by user lester6793 listed out the different types of Panadol products and its uses in speculation of a possible shortage “in the coming weeks”, following media reports. 

The thread also recommended several alternatives to Panadol and Paracetamol products. Alternative brands to Panadol products include: Biogesic, Uphamol, Paracil and Tylenol. Several alternatives to Paracetamol products can also include the Nurofen, Bifen, Brufen and Aleve brands.

MOH said it is closely monitoring the situation.

“We are working with the retailers and retail pharmacies to ensure that these medicines are available to Singaporeans in need,” said MOH.

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