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Presents you can get your boyfriend for Valentine’s Day

It's honestly the thought that counts.

Winston Tay

Published: 13 February 2018, 12:00 AM

Realising your boyfriend has an elaborate Valentine’s Day planned out and not sure what you can do to reciprocate the love?

There’s no need to panic. We’ve asked some attached guys what they are really hoping to receive for Valentines Day from you-know-who, and here are their answers:

1. Their favourite homemade treats 

Beyond scones or cookies from the nearest bakery, guys really appreciate if you spend the effort putting together some flour, sugar and milk to make us our favorite treats!


Guys secretly appreciate all the hard work that goes into homemade pastries.
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The best part about this gift is that it does not only satisfy our taste buds and tummies, but is also something personalised and shows love and sincerity. It certainly does have the makings of a particularly meaningful gift.

2. An impromptu staycation

Trust me – just like girls – guys love getaways too. Scrolling through Instagram and seeing your friends’ perfectly posed travel photos while you are stuck in the office or on your crowded morning commute is the worst feeling ever!

Staycations always make for fantastic surprise gifts—there’s nothing quite like getting away from the mundanity of daily life, if only for a while.


Nothing beats a romantic getaway, even if it’s just for a day.
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3. Backpack

If your boyfriend likes to keep things stylish, get a home for his laptop or to stash his carry-on travel essentials when he’s on the go.


The minimalist CLARK Atlantic Yards Heathergray has a padded laptop sleeve, several pockets and organisers that guys need.
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Most dudes secretly hate anything showy, so stick to simple and clean designs; a minimalist backpack will be a huge step up from our old sporty backpacks.

Keeping in mind that for more practical guys, utility should not be compromised for style. So try to get a functional backpack with laptop sleeves, pockets and organisers.

4. Cologne 

Contrary to popular belief, many guys actually care about the way we smell. And we can be real picky about it. Every girl out there has their own go-to brand for perfume, and so do the boys!


Mankind Ultimate smells of fresh citruses and rich woods, infused with tonka beans and flowers.
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Picking one specifically for your partner can be tricky. Simply buying a random fragrance can lead to disastrous results. One thing you can do is figure what scent matches his sense of style.

If you can figure out what clothes he already wears or likes wearing, then you’re on the right track. Alternatively, play it safe and get him a cologne he already wears.

5. Watch

What beats a timeless tribute of love? A watch to most of us is basically like a Porsche that you can take to meetings.


The Classic Sheffield Daniel Wellington serves a clean and crisp look, and is water resistant.
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As this is the twenty-first century, we are growing to be real lovers of minimalistic and simple watches, so discretion and subtlety is key.

Guys will also appreciate it if they come with basic features, like water and scratch resistance (we’re too lazy to get it fixed and polished).

Everyone is different, so these gifts might not be the gift for your man. But we hope this list might help remind you of the kind of things he might keep mentioning or stopping to look at. So relax, trust your gut, and remember, it is the thought that counts.

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