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Popular karaoke chain Teo Heng reopens for non-singing activities

In hopes of supporting their workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, Teo Heng repurposed their KTV rooms for other uses.

Shannon Kuan

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Published: 19 March 2021, 11:44 AM

Many entertainment outlets and businesses have been facing struggles ever since COVID-19 hit. Even established companies like Teo Heng KTV were not safe as they faced issues keeping up with rental payments and providing salaries for their workers amidst the absence of customers due to the lockdown.

Fortunately, with community cases now under control, Teo Heng is reopening the doors to some of their outlets, but this time for non-karaoke purposes.

Starting Mar 19, two Teo Heng outlets at Causeway Point and Bedok Point will open for business while adhering to safe distancing measures. The outlet at JCube will open eventually at a later date.

From studying to dining, the rooms can be booked for personal use for those who want a private area to either focus on work or spend time with friends.


The rooms can also be used for birthday celebrations and Teo Heng will decorate the room for free! PHOTO CREDIT: FACEBOOK/@KTVTEOHENG


Some free-to-use amenities have been added, so customers have more use for the rooms. They include HDMI cables for connecting one’s laptop to the TV screen, and a ring light and stand for live-streamers.

In addition, customers can bring in outside food and drinks, as well as purchase canned drinks from Teo Heng at a dollar each. There is even a microwave oven and pre-packed food items from the Select Group, such as sandwiches, burgers, chicken rice and more.

Rates are per hour, starting from $4 for a small room during happy hours and $6 during peak hours. For a medium room, it costs $6 per hour during happy hours and $8 during peak hours. Large rooms go at $8 during happy hours and $10 on peak hours. As for party rooms, they cost $15 during happy hours and $18 during peak hours.

Bookings are available from 10am to 1am, with peak hour period being from 7pm to 1am.

While the plans for the rest of Teo Heng’s branches remain uncertain, Teo Heng’s management hopes to provide for their workers’ salaries and pay rent during this tough period. Hopefully karaoke sessions may resume soon when the pandemic is more under control.

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