Popeyes launches fan-inspired Mac ‘n Cheese Chicken Sandwich

The limited creation is available until Jun 27, 2022.

Nicki Chan

Probably that one person singing in the shower at 2am.

Published: 8 April 2022, 12:49 PM

Popeyes launched the Mac ‘n Cheese Chicken Sandwich on Apr 5, a unique combination of two of their existing dishes. 

The sandwich contains Popeyes’ signature chicken thigh fillet and pickles for flavour. The chicken fillet is then topped with macaroni and cheese, which Popeyes also sells separately. The whole ensemble is held together by a buttered brioche bun.

The sandwich is inspired by fans, said Popeyes, and a quick search on TikTok showed users like @unfckly pouring Popeyes’ macaroni and cheese on top of their classic chicken burger, garnering 236 likes.

@unfckly popeyes man, they can never go wrong 😩 @popeyessg #popeyescreations ♬ u can hold my hand - judi

The sandwich is available for a limited time only, from now until Jun 27. Prices start from $7.40 for dine-in and takeaway, and from $8.50 for delivery. 

There are various meal combinations for the Mac ‘n Cheese Sandwich, such as combo and buddy meals. Special coupon codes are also available for Popeyes app users and they can be found here

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