POKKA launches new Premium Peppermint Mocha

Enjoy POKKA’s new Premium Peppermint Mocha with its exclusive metal straws.

Charlotte Chang

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Published: 30 September 2021, 2:22 PM

Craving a minty caffeine fix? Look no further. 

As part of their premium coffee series, POKKA Singapore has launched the Premium Peppermint Mocha on Wednesday (Sep 29).

The POKKA Premium Peppermint Mocha is the fifth in its premium coffee selection. Other flavours include the POKKA Premium Milk Coffee, POKKA Premium Milk Coffee (Less Sugar), POKKA Premium Cappuccino, POKKA Premium Mocha.

With the comfort of the chocolate and the refreshing mintiness of the peppermint, the POKKA Premium Peppermint Mocha can either be your daily morning coffee, or an invigorating midday pick-me-up.


Enjoy your coffee in ex-straw-dinary style. PHOTO CREDITS: POKKA SINGAPORE


From Sep 29 to Oct 31, you can receive a set of reusable metal straws when you purchase two bottles of the Premium Peppermint Mocha. 

The 500ml beverage costs $2.40 per bottle at all 7-11 outlets for a limited time.

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