Pizza Hut unveils four new festive pizzas on their holiday menu

Desserts are also making a comeback for the month of December.

Alicia Ang

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Published: 12 November 2021, 1:22 PM

Pizza Hut has released its holiday menu, and it comes with over 10 new dishes and sides for the whole family to try.

The most notable menu items are the four Cheesy Bites pizzas, which promise to be a fun treat for family and friends to share and bond over.

These include the Chicken Pop Cheesy Bites with crunchy Chachos chips, Hawaiian Cheesy Bites, Super Supreme Cheesy Bites for meat lovers and the vegetarian Four Cheese Cheesy Bites. 

The menu also has an array of barbecue dishes, including their BBQ Chicken Cutlet with Turkey Bacon Mash and Salad, BBQ Chicken Nuggets and BBQ Fries. If you are ordering delivery or taking your meal to go, there is also the Four Cheese Baked Penne. 

Lastly, there are two new desserts to complement the salty pizzas and sides. For those dining in, there’s the Waffle with Lotus Biscoff, which is served with sauce and ice cream. For those doing takeaway or delivery, they have the choice of either the Waffle with Lotus Biscoff but without the additional sauce and ice cream, or Lotus Biscoff Breadsticks.

To help customers try the range of new menu items, Pizza Hut is offering multiple bundles and discounts. 

The code ‘8CHEESYBITES’ will get you any of the new Cheesy Bites pizzas for $8 off until the end of November. Those dining at home can enjoy 50 per cent off of two delivered pizzas or one takeaway pizza.

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