Pikachu Weekend with night show, special Pokémon GO event to be held in November

This comes after the unveiling of the Pikachu Jet by Scoot.

Fitri Mahad
Fitri Mahad

Published: 1 September 2022, 4:09 PM

The Pokémon Company will host a special Pikachu Weekend from Nov 18 to 20 following the launch of Pokémon Air Adventures, a Pokémon-themed flight experience by The Pokémon Company and Scoot.

The Pikachu Weekend will consist of a night show at Marina Bay and a special event on the Pokémon GO mobile game that will be held at Gardens by the Bay.

Titled Pokémon GO Safari Zone: Singapore, this special Pokémon GO event can be accessed islandwide.

Players can also purchase a ticket and participate at the main site – Gardens By The Bay. Here players may chance upon the Pokémon Maractus.

During the event, lucky users might also encounter the Shiny Purrloin Pokémon for the first time.

Also making an exclusive appearance through the app is a special Pikachu donning a purple flower T-shirt. This particular version of Pikachu will appear for over one year starting from November 2022. 

Preceding this special weekend announcement was the unveiling of an exclusive Pikachu Jet by Scoot and The Pokémon Company.

The Pikachu Jet TR will take its first flight to Tokyo, Japan, on Sep 9. Fares for one-way tickets from Singapore to Seoul start from $231, and from $333 to Tokyo.


The Pikachu Jet is a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner with a capacity of 375 seats. PHOTO CREDIT: THE POKÉMON COMPANY


Passengers can purchase merchandise such as tote bags, lanyards, bucket hats and a collector’s edition of the Pokémon-designed aircraft model during flight booking through Scoot’s website and mobile app from Sep 9 onwards.


One can order the merchandise onboard the inaugural flight as well. PHOTO CREDIT: THE POKÉMON COMPANY


Additionally, a selection of specially curated Japanese inflight meals in support of the Pikachu Jet TR launch are also available for pre-order.


Custom Pokémon-related imagery and designs adorn not only the jet’s exterior, but its interior amenities as well. PHOTO CREDIT: THE POKÉMON COMPANY


As borders reopen, Singapore Tourism Board (STB) is looking forward to welcoming visitors back to Singapore.

Chang Chee Pey, Assistant Chief Executive of STB’s marketing group said: “This partnership between The Pokémon Company and Scoot is timely and offers yet another reason to visit Singapore and enjoy our new and compelling offerings.”

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