Personalise and upgrade your desktop with these Chrome extensions

From desktop pets to customisable cursors, here are seven extensions you should download to decorate your Chrome dashboard!

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Published: 18 November 2020, 4:31 PM

Many of us enjoy personalising our items. Be it designing the look of something to fit our aesthetic to having everything easily accessible for us, knowing that something is designed by and belongs to us makes it feel special and one of a kind.

For those who use Google Chrome, here are seven ways you can make your dashboard unique and catered to your own tastes and interests!

1. Custom Cursor

Bored of your basic black arrow cursor? Here is a way you can customise your Chrome experience by changing your cursor’s appearance.

Custom Cursor lets you choose from a collection of over 100 cursor designs, available in different categories such as characters from the Among Us game, K-pop idols, animated food and cute animal icons.


There are minimalistic cursor designs that retain the original arrow cursor shape if you prefer keeping things simple. PHOTO CREDIT: CUSTOM CURSOR


You can also create your own cursors using any images you like and adjust your cursor size according to your personal preference.


Simply switch between designs, change your cursor size and turn it off whenever you want by clicking on the extension icon. PHOTO CREDIT: CUSTOM CURSOR


Simple to use and manage on the go, this extension will impress your friends with your cool new cursor!

Download Custom Cursor here.

2. Tabby Cat

Tabby Cat is an adorable browser extension that provides an animated and interactive cat with a special name every time you open a new tab.

Discover a new furry friend within every tab and unlock up to 65 new goodies to dress up your new desktop pet with every few new tabs you open.


Certain goodies such as the ball of yarn has the chance to attract cute kittens! PHOTO CREDIT: TABBY CAT


There are also other lovable animals available for purchase of USD$1, such as a squishy seal and a chubby piglet.

This extension is perfect for animal lovers and you can download it here!

3. Coffeelings

For those who would love to try daily journaling but are too lazy to design it, this extension is perfect for you!

Working like a mini journal and mood tracker, Coffeelings is an extension that lets you jot down your daily thoughts and mood on the go.


Clicking on the extension will produce a pop-up that lets you input your mood for the day, as well as a place to jot down your notes, thoughts or achievements. PHOTO CREDIT: COFFEELINGS


There are five available emotions in varying shades of brown. Darker brown tones represent negative emotions such as ‘stressed’, ‘sad’ and ‘tired’, while lighter brown shades represent ‘ok’ and ‘amazing’.


Check on your daily progress and manage your stress better by comparing your good and bad days. PHOTO CREDIT: COFFEELINGS


Not only does it look adorable and aesthetically pleasing, keeping an online journal helps you stay organised and keep track of things easily.

Try out Coffeelings here!

4. Dark Reader

Dark Reader is a simple extension that allows you to convert any website into dark mode, making everything easier on the eyes.

It doesn’t simply invert bright colours on websites, but lets you adjust settings such as brightness, contrast, sepia, grayscale and font settings.


Easily adjust the look and display of the websites you visit to suit your preferences. PHOTO CREDIT: DARK READER


You can also turn off this extension easily and whitelist certain websites that you don’t want night mode on.

Put less strain on your eyes and download Dark Reader here.

5. MyStart

Personalise your dashboard with breathtaking wallpapers and other useful widgets instead of sticking with the basic Google layout.

MyStart provides an array of stunning images and lets you customise wallpapers for your dashboard. It also provides live weather updates from your location, as well as the current date and time.


Keep track of your goals with a To-Do list at the bottom left corner of your dashboard. PHOTO CREDIT: MYSTART


You can easily search for what you need and access your most visited websites and shortcuts.

There even is a widget that leads you to a ‘Chillout Music’ tab, allowing you to listen to relaxing and inspirational music while doing work, for added productivity.

Download MyStart here.

6. Tabagotchi

A digital pet that helps you stay productive, Tabagotchi provides you with a pixel pet that keeps track of the number of your tabs.

The fewer tabs you have, the happier and healthier your pet will be. However, if you have too many tabs open for too long, your pet will turn mad and might die, turning into a ghost.


Your Tabagotchi pet will remind you about how many tabs you have open and to close them. PHOTO CREDIT: TABAGOTCHI BY BREATHER


For each hour you spend with five or less tabs open, your Tabagotchi pet will evolve to a higher form. Maximise productivity and keep your pet and computer happy!

Download your new digital pet here.

7. Chrome Themes

While this isn’t an extension, themes are perfect for designing and beautifying Chrome.


Switch it up from monochrome and add colour to your tabs and bookmarks bar. PHOTO CREDITS: CHROME WEB STORE


Apart from colours, there are also various patterns to choose from, such as pink triangles to a starry night sky.

Browse the different Chrome themes here and design your dashboard to your heart’s desire!

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