Partial solar eclipse visible from Singapore on Apr 20

This will be the last solar eclipse visible from Singapore until 2027.

Han Xinyi

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Published: 10 April 2023, 2:57 PM

Singaporeans will be able to catch a partial solar eclipse on Apr 20 from 10.54am to 12.58pm.  

This particular astronomical event, called a hybrid solar eclipse, will see about 15 per cent of the Sun’s disk covered by the moon during the eclipse’s peak in Singapore at 11.55am.  

It is a rare type of solar eclipse that appears different depending on the location it is viewed from, said the Science Centre Observatory in a media release on Apr 6.

Singapore, along with countries like the Philippines and most of Indonesia, will only get to view a partial or annular solar eclipse. The total solar eclipse can only be viewed from a few places in East Timor and Indonesia as well as the town of Exmouth in Australia.

Although the solar eclipse will be easy to spot as it will occur at mid-day, the Science Centre Observatory warns not to view the eclipse with one’s naked eye. Sunglasses or solar films used for vehicles and home windows also do not provide sufficient protection for viewing the sun.

For safe viewing of the eclipse, the Science Centre Singapore’s Curiosity shop offers solar glasses that are specifically created for solar observation at $5 a pair, and solar viewers at $5.90.

Science Centre Singapore will also be hosting a live viewing session on Apr 20 from 11am to 1pm, which viewers can attend either physically at the Ecogarden or online via livestream on Science Centre Singapore’s YouTube channel. 

Entrance to the Science Centre and the physical live viewing session is complimentary on Apr 20 for Singaporeans and permanent residents.

The next solar eclipses visible in Singapore will take place on Aug 2, 2027 and Jul 22, 2028 respectively.

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