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Paris Baguette opens new cafe at Raffles City with exclusive teatra tea-infused desserts

This is the 12th Paris Baguette outlet in Singapore.

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Published: 30 June 2022, 3:15 PM

Well-known bakery chain Paris Baguette has recently opened a new cafe at Raffles City on Thursday (Jun 23), featuring exclusive teatra infused desserts and brunch menu.

Paris Baguette is a Korean-owned French-themed cafe and the outlet at Raffles City is its 12th in Singapore.

Spanning over 2,637 sq ft, the new outlet seats 64 and follows a European outdoor garden theme. A teatra gift shop and brewing bar are also available, allowing customers to purchase gifts and create their own tea packages.

Teatra is a premium blended tea brand launched by the SPC Group, a Korea-based global food company. The teas are made by combining different premium ingredients sourced directly from the mountains.

Paris Baguette’s new outlet features desserts such as teatra tea-infused Earl Grey Royale Pudding and Earl Grey Choco Cake.

Handcrafted beverages such as tea-infused milk teas, mocktails and vin-chaud, a mulled wine, are also available.


The Korean Honey Castella French Toast contains Korean honey castella French toast, chicken and beef sausage, scrambled eggs and a side salad. PHOTO CREDIT: PARIS BAGUETTE


Paris Baguette will launch its first all-day brunch menu at Raffles City and will be slowly introducing it to other outlets such as ION Orchard and Jewel Changi in July.

The menu features items like the Korean Honey Castella French Toast ($21.90) and the PB Big Breakfast ($22.50), which includes one natural yeast bread, chicken and beef sausage, turkey bacon, scrambled eggs, baked tomato and potato and a side salad.

As part of the store’s opening promotion, teatra retail products are at 15 per cent off while cakes or brunch that is purchased with a teatra drink are 20 per cent off. The cakes that are applicable for this discount are the slice cakes, roll cakes and pound cakes only.

Customers can also receive a free silky roll cake (worth $15.50) with a minimum purchase of $50. The promotions are ongoing until Jul 31.

Paris Baguette Raffles City is open daily from 8am to 10pm.

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