OWNDAYS and Huawei launch Smart Audio Glasses for music and calls

The glasses can also be converted into sunglasses with their designated clip-on lens.

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Published: 10 February 2023, 3:45 PM

For those who find headphones too bulky and earbuds too easy to lose, there is now another option to consider. OWNDAYS and Huawei launched the new Smart Audio Glasses, which sound like something out of a Mission Impossible movie, on Feb 10.

The glasses work like Bluetooth headphones, with the ability to play music as well as take calls. 

It is designed to allow users to stay aware of their surroundings while listening to music, and its directional sound system keeps sound leakage minimal using reverse sound field technology.

The glasses also have touch control capabilities – tapping on the left or right temples can pause or play music and answer or end calls, swiping adjusts the volume and switches between tracks, and pressing and holding rejects calls.

Users can customise these controls through the AI Life app by Huawei.


Music and audio from calls will be played through directional speakers on both sides of the frame. PHOTO CREDIT: OWNDAYS SINGAPORE


There is also a function that automatically connects the glasses to a paired device when the user puts on the glasses and turns music off when the glasses are removed.

Based on data from Huawei lab tests, it takes about 85 minutes for the glasses to be fully charged. On a full charge, the glasses will provide up to six hours of audio playback and four and a half hours of voice calls.

The glasses come in two different styles, the rectangle style and Wellington style, as well as two different colours, grey or black.


The rectangular style (top) and Wellington style (bottom) are meant to be stylish but work-appropriate. PHOTO CREDIT: OWNDAYS SINGAPORE


Each pair of glasses costs $398, inclusive of OWNDAYS’ standard high index aspheric lenses, a felt-fabric carrying case, a spectacle cloth and a charging converter. 

The lenses on the glasses can also be upgraded to blue light lenses or other lenses. There are also designated SNAP LENS for the frame available for an additional $20.

The Smart Audio Glasses are available via OWNDAYS’ online store or in the list of selected outlets displayed on their website.

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