Over 20 art-inspired workshops, tours and performances to be held at National Gallery Jun 17-Jul 9

This year’s theme of Gallery Wellness Festival, “Art Connects”, places emphasis on human relationships and the necessity of connecting with emotions.

Kelly Chin

Gets emotionally attached to fictional characters.

Published: 15 June 2023, 5:40 PM

Museum goers can look forward to taking part in various wellness activities, workshops and tours in the second edition of National Gallery Singapore’s Gallery Wellness Festival from Jun 17 to Jul 9.

Gallery Wellness Festival is part of Wellness Festival Singapore (WFS), a Singapore Tourism Board initiative which aims to support holistic well-being among Singaporeans. 

This year’s theme, “Art Connects” places emphasis on human relationships and the necessity of connecting with emotions and other people through various guided workshops. 

There are over 20 unique art-inspired experiences which can help engage the five senses. 

One of which is Drawing the Self, a guided workshop which aims to embrace flaws. Attendees will get to make their own self portraits in playful and explanatory ways. 

Drawing the Self will be held on Jun 24 and Jul 1 from 10am to 12pm at $20 per pax.


The workshop is led by artist Dahlia Osman who has worked on murals for local museums. PHOTO CREDIT: NATIONAL GALLERY SINGAPORE


For those looking to do something with a friend, there is Scents-ing: Aroma Workshop for Two. Attendees will get to create a bottle of a unique scent based on selected artworks which can be brought home after as a souvenir. 

The workshop, led by Prachi Saini Garg, founder of Scentopia Singapore, will be held on Jun 23 and 28 from 6pm to 7.30pm at $25 per pax.


Although recommended to attend in pairs, solo participants are also welcomed. PHOTO CREDIT: NATIONAL GALLERY SINGAPORE

There are also free activities for visitors, such as Namjooning, a self-guided tour named after the BTS member Kim Namjoon. It refers to the act of appreciating art, visiting museums and self-care. The tour pairs artworks in the gallery with BTS songs that capture similar themes. 

Visitors can download the online guide to find out which song matches each artwork. The tour will be available throughout the Gallery Wellness Festival.


Visitors are recommended to bring headphones for the optimal listening experience. PHOTO CREDIT: NATIONAL GALLERY SINGAPORE


Music performances by local artists will also be available for all to enjoy. One of the performers are award-winning musicians, Lorong Boys. They will perform on Jun 18 from 2pm to 3pm at the atrium.


Lorong Boys went viral in May 2014 due to their spontaneous performance on the MRT. PHOTO CREDIT: 19SIXTYFIVE


In collaboration with Gallery Wellness Festival, restaurants GEMMA and Yan will serve special lunch menus throughout the festival at $42 and $48 respectively.


GEMMA’s three-course Italian lunch menu is made with vegan ingredients. PHOTO CREDIT: NATIONAL GALLERY SINGAPORE


The full list of programmes and its details can be found on the National Gallery Singapore website.

Visitors should also take note that the gallery’s operating hours will be changed to 10am to 3pm on Jun 17, 24 and Jul 2, 8 due to NDP rehearsals. 

Admission to National Gallery Singapore is free for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents.


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