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Otah & Friends return with ‘Camp Stardust’ escape room experience

The family-friendly escape room will run till March 20 next year.

Brandon Leong

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Published: 26 November 2021, 11:51 AM

The perfect family friendly escape room has popped up, just in time for the school holidays. 

Otah & Friends, the family entertainment brand that specialised in laidback escape rooms inspired by Singaporean wildlife, has just announced their latest escape room. 

The latest edition of their otter-themed escapades will be Otah & Friends: Camp Stardust, which has already begun at the National Museum of Singapore and will last till Mar 20, 2022. Camp Stardust will become the third Otah & Friends pop-up experience after Blast Off at Gardens by the Bay and Grocery Run at Suntec City. 

The mascot and face of the brand is Otah the Otter, while a new character in Sambal the Sambar Deer will also debut at Camp Stardust

The immersive hour-long experience will see visitors, or Stardust Scouts, go on a magical forest quest to help an ancient fallen star reunite with the night sky. The room will span over 4,000 sq ft and Scouts will have to collect four courage badges by completing a series of challenges at four zones during the experience. 

The escape room will feature four mini rooms with each posing a different challenge. The rooms will include mazes, a ball pit, and a rope obstacle to navigate through. 

After solving the different puzzles, visitors will be able to pick up some facts about local plants and animals by opening these mini doors throughout the experience. 

Upon the completion of all courage badges, visitors will be treated to a celebration at Otah’s campfire ceremony. 

There will also be otter-themed dollop photobooths at the venue for visitors to commemorate their escape room achievements. And for plushie lovers, you can purchase Otah plushies among other memorabilia including picture books and postcards at the venue starting from $2.  

You can get your tickets for $24 per person here. Groups of five can enjoy a special rate at $19 per person, so remember to bring your younger siblings and young-at-heart friends along! 


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